About The Hyenas

Thrill, “A sensation as of being thrilled; a tremulous excitement; as, a thrill of horror; a thrill of joy” . For the most extreme activities like skydiving to just getting excited over visiting a new food joint, what ever it is that Thrills you and puts joy in your life. The Thrill Side is for all who refuse to live a boring life. Never mind the North, the West, the South or the East side. The Thrill is universal, welcome and thanks for visiting the world wide Thrill Side.

The Hyenas

The Hyena is  something like an ugly duckling, a rose that grew from concrete, an under dog. Also  those people you go and eat with, you get drunk with, party with, grow up with. The ones that make fun of you, stick up for you, feed you, eat your food. Those that make fun of you when you do something stupid or break up with your significant other, the ones that pick you up late at night when you’re stranded because your bucket acted up or you were too drunk and decide to run off and get lost.The people that are there with you in the good and bad times. Some call them family,  friends, brothers, sisters, patnas,  niggas etc etc. I call them my Hyenas.

“Where my Hyenas at?”….” YEEEEE YEEEEE YEEEEE YEEEE” -The Hyenas

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