Raiders vs. Colts

Raiders vs. Colts. Last homegame of the season. Dominos and tacos getting hooked up in the background.

Tacos for breakfast is where it’s at. Dos de Pastor, uno de Asada y uno de Pollo primo.

Stuffed our faces, grabbed some beer and walked around. Awesome chick from Live 105.3fm throwing up the T for Thrillside for your boy.

Willie Brown chillin in the parking lot.

Walked to a friend’s bay party tailgate. Shiscabobs callore.

Meanwhile back at the taco tailgate the beerbong made an appearance

Death also made an appearance.

The beer pong turned into the foam pong. GIVE HER SOME BEER WITH THAT FOAM THOUGH!

Some of my Hyenas. YEEEE YEEEEEEEE

Ok I know our tickets were for Mt Davis but fuck sitting way up there. We might as well watch the game on the tv.

Peyton Manning going in. NOHOMO.

Brothers asked to get a picture, talking bout “he didn’t even take it”. WELL, what’s this? Looking like an ATT commercial for the most bars in your area.

Although The Raiders lost, this was a good season so why not bring out Smily’s leftover fireworks and celebrate?

A lot of this went down, we even had some competition but they were no match for Smily’s arsenal.

I caught friendly fire. This later looked like if I had the Cavin Fever or was turning into a Zombie.

Now we walk over the Hegenberger bridge and back to the car. The end.

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One Response to “Raiders vs. Colts”
  1. luisjdelariva says:

    Looks good man. I need a shirt!

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