1Lb Burger/appetizer

One day of drinking at the Coke house surrounded by FATTT BOIIIIES!, we stumbled upon a food challenge conversation. “We should start doing hella food challenges bruh” said Globe, I mentioned the 1lb burger at Fuddrukers and Dartnell stepped up. Ive known Dartnell for years and ate with him in numerous places. Seen that kid eat plate after plate and that kid can put stuff away, reminds me of “Bro-man” from “Martin”. Yet for some reason I was the only one thinking that burger was going to put up a fight. NO! NO! WRONNNNG!. The guy making it, didnt stand a chance. I even got a text that read “nigga you must not know Dartnell, the challenge will be him making it to the restroom in time later”.
Thursday I got up and ready, Pumped $10 on 2.

We got to the place and everyone laughed at that patty. Things got interesting when Globe challenged Dartnell in eating the burger faster than him.

Globe hella happy

Expo and I just got some beer.

“Ok where are these punk ass burgers at?”. They just called your name nigga go.

And then there’s always the guy who gets out of pocket.

There it is.

On your marks,
Iced tea



By the way how’s that soda bro?

“oh ya’ll niggas outta pocket blood, there’s like a kilo of salt just chilling on the ice cubes”

Meanwhile outside, the winner gets right back to training after talks of the next contender, a 5lb burrito in the South Bay.

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One Response to “1Lb Burger/appetizer”
  1. luisjdelariva says:

    lol, food looks real good

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