Rushawn’s boifday bash

Its crazy, I woke up this February 9th and all of the sudden I’m 28 years old. Fuccccccck! what the hell happened?. I still feel like I’m 20. Anyways the Hyenas and I hit the bowling alley for a good time.

Got in line at the bowling alley for that good $10 unlimited bowling  deal which is 2 and a half games cause Hyenas take they sweet ass time on the jukebox and at the bar like only we know how. I be feeling like I’m at the club up in there.

Somebody was thoisty so we got all up on that $1 beer deal.

Then the everyone started looking for their balls and getting them ready to unload into the depths of those dark alleys.

“Does this ball match my shirt bro?”

More $1 deals

Compitas TS Gienses

I’m a baaaddddddd mannnnnn


Getting a lil creative

Then Young Chips

Big Marcos

Dollar Menunaires all over the place. My nigga Exponent, we go way back like pony tails.

YEEE YEEEE , we also go way back.

Your boy

Warriors baby

Briskets looking like he shooting cannonballs

Lil quick pics

The boys from the 90s

good old group shot before leaving.

Fast forward to Friday night. We hit up up Young Corinthian Kingsley’s house for a good ol bbq/bonfire/drunk session.

Hooking them G-thangs up like only he knows how.

After months of being away and on the leash my friend Adajah came through with a cake and alcohol for Rushawn.

Eveyone was getting their grub on, ribs,hot links, burgers, pumpkin seeds and beer. That’s how we live.

Bonfire in the yard.

Went back to cut the cake and these guys smashed it on my face like in one of those silly cartoons. Fuck it, I’m on a diet anyways.

After a while we decided to get our work out on at about 2am, fuck 24 hrs fitness. Dartnell put a few lbs on the bar. Felt real good bout himself.

Jones tried it and failed.
I tried it after and good thing noone took pics.That bar almost broke my neck. My nigga Snow-e Woods aint backing out so he decided to try it also.Things didn’t go so well for him either.

That fat kid Dartnell is pretty strong, we decided to move on to our boxing training. Dbo- Jones on the bag, Snow-E not Impressed.

Snow-E’s turn. He must of been mad at himself for not being able to lift those weights up and took his anger out on the bag. Villagers fled at the sound of the punishment it received.



I think 2 more swings and Woods would of punched a hole through the bag and punched all 3 of these guys. Good thing they stopped. We got back to the bonfire before calling it a night.

Next morning I woke up with like half the cake on the bedsheets and in my ears hoping I didn’t throw up, hungover like a mothafucka and craving some good ol Tamales Oaxaquenos.
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