Street Kings cc

Young Must AKA “Corinthian Kingsley” AKA “Roast A lot” AKA “the cute version of D-Bo Jones” AKA “the bird whisperer”, hit me up and invited me to go to Sonic’s with some friends/members of the Street Kings car club. They are an up and coming club out of East Oakland and its surroundings. Me being the fat boy that I am gladly agreed. He told me they’d be there in 15 so I jumped in the shower, ironed my clothes and by the time I put my left 8 and a half Nike on I heard bout 4 v8s out in the alley way and smelled hella smog(niggas gotta stop doing them fake smogs bruh, for real, finna give your boy lung cancer or something).
Hopped in the 50 with Nach and we were on our way.

Hit a quick U turn

Jones in the house

and more homies in the back

got off at a redlight real quick

someone leaked hella oil on the road causing Jones to almost crash. no illegal activities here.

made it to our destination

Marqueese and them

yaaamsayinn? yaaamsayinn?

Jones must have ordered over the phone, how the hell you just parked and already got a burger though blood? “CAAAMEEEEE UPPPPPPPPPP!”

My dudes look lost. Its just like a drivethrough dog, minus the car, talk to the speaker and then pay the guy with the rollerbades once he brings your food.


I got this chicken thang. Pretty good.

These guys talking about the nature of the creators of the universe.

Lil kids riding along too.

Back at the parking lot.

Heading out

Marqueese looking like the Terminator, Must in the background looking like he got kidnapped and screaming for help.

“Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon”?

Went to this place where a beer fest was supposed to be happening only to find out it was the day before. Fuck it.
Saw this.

Took a few pics of the cars and the molester van.

Sweet shirt bro.

We then headed to Marqueese’s house to watch El Infierno. Follow me on twitter @rushawnwuan

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