On fire. The Wire interview.

This is an interview with graffiti writer/bomber Wire. This interview took place one night at a taco truck when I ran into  a group of writers while I was taking pictures of graffiti.

First off, your’e killing shit, your’e everywhere in Oakland. In the deep too, the hood hood, with fill ins. Not too many writers come and paint this way.  PROPS!.

TS: What got you into graffiti?

Wire: I didn’t grow up with my parents. I grew up with uncle. I was like 8 and he’d take me out with his crews TSG and BOH in the Astro van. You could fit hella niggas in there. I remember  Expo, Rush, Peek, Phrase, Gacho, Bust, Rocko. We would go out and bomb, them niggas were a free for all. I’d just be there with them watching. I also remember Rush drew “Thug- E” on my stomach hahaha.

TS: How old were you when you first went out and tagged on shit and with who?

Wire: It was with Expo.  I was like 8 or 9, he was hella drunk. It was during the day too, he was like “let’s go taggin”. So we walked around the deep catching tags, getting yelled at, running. He was laughing and I was laughing so I thought it was fun. I tagged “Steve-O”, It was a one liner too, I just held the cap down the whole time , I didn’t know how to use it. Expo was like “oh shit you got hands nigga”

TS: What crews are you in?

Wire: 640, LD, AMC, NFK

TS: Who stood out in graffiti for you? 

Wire: Before I was even in 640 it was Ceaver, and probably Nesta.

TS: You’re hiting the town pretty hard. Why do you think a lot of writers don’t come this way?

Wire: Maybe they’re scared because they don’t know how shit goes down here.  Like if I was to go to L.A. I would be pretty nervous. I do it here because this is where I was raised, my family is here so I’m out here every day. I hit E. 14th and do shit.

TS: What music do you like?

Wire: Hip hop, honestly I like all kind of music.

Gaks: you like everything but country

Wire: I like country, I like that song about that white girl and her boy friend that cheated on her. Don’t know the name, she scratches his red viper up or something.

TS: Any fights over graffiti shit?

Wire: Not really, recently some dudes tried jumping me over a crew I used to be in. I was with my girl and her friend coming out of the movies when they saw me catching a tag. They asked  “hey you write?” , I said ” do you write?”. Then they told me I better stop writing that crew I used to be in (which I wasn’t part of for months now). I told them I was Wire 640 AMC , wassup?.  As I was trying to walk towards them my girl and her friend grabbed me, we exchanged words and security showed up and we left. Later on I heard who one of the guys was and how we was talking shit about my boy Grief and how he punked grief’s little cousin. Shit started getting me mad. Couldn’t find the guy anywhere. One day I was at a rave with Nuts and Nuts was like “there’s that nigga right there”. I ran up on him like “wassup?” . He was hugged up with his girl, my friend told me to be cool and got in between us but I walked around and punched him in his face.

TS: An interesting/memorable story you wan’t to share?

Wire: One I can’t forget is when me and Grief first went out to paint we took the bus downtown. We got up on this roof that had only one way up and the same way down. It was windy, a freeway shot by the police station. We did our fill , outlined it and I only got to hit up 640 before a cop spotted us and flashed his lights. It was like 11pm, we ducked and the cop had the spot light on my fill for at least 30 minutes. We actually fell asleep and when I woke up they were gone. I walked to the edge of the building to check if they were really gone, they were around the corner flashing the lights everywhere, there was a cop on each side of the building so we hid again. Layed there hella cold. We fell asleep again, woke up and they were still there at  around 1 a.m. I was looking through the reflection of the windows from the building across the street and I could see the cops. I was thinking about doing the 40+ foot jump. Then I heard a truck and through the reflection of the windows I saw that it was a fire truck. I thought to myself ” shit they coming up here”  , Grief was like ” fuck it we caught”. I said “fuck that shit, I aint going to jail” . So we ran and jumped onto the building next to the one we were on. We could see through the windows of this building, people were on their computer. We climbed down some dark ass steps, we stayed there because there was nowhere else to go. We later looked up to where we came from and we see a cop. He said on his radio “there’s no one here” and he walked away. We fell asleep again , woke up at 4 a.m. and cut to the house. The cool shit is that shot is still running.

TS: Do you do drugs?

Wire: *shakes head, no

TS: In 5 years where do you see yourself?

Wire: Chillin, but probably still hitting shit up, arguing with my girl, painting with old school Gaks hahaha

TS: What do you like about graffiti?

Wire: Taggin, I love it, the feeling, running from the cops, risking my life, playing with the devil, getting Gaks mad when I don’t listen to him hahahaha.

TS: What do you  hate about graffiti?

Wire: I hate ghost hackers and heroes.

TS: heroes? please enlighten us

Wire: People who stop their cars like, “hey stop”  or “I’m calling the cops”

TS: Do you prefer to paint alone or with a partner? who? why?

Wire: *farts. I like to paint with someone, doesn’t matter as long as I’m not alone. It’s boring by myself.

TS: So you’re saying playing with someone is better than playin with yourself?

Wire: hahahahhahahaa yeah.

TS: Weapon of choice?

Wire: I like Rustoleum with the adapter and a fat Rusto cap, anything fat. No homo. Gloss black is the shit.

TS: Have you ever kicked a dog in the face?

Wire: No but I painted a dog’s face.

TS: Dead or alive?

Wire: Alive, he was barking at me.

TS: Shout outs? 

Wire: BURRRRPP! My nigga Grief, that nigga Logo, Ceave, Rack, Swerve, Seper, Astro, Brag,Oyster, Fosho, Nave, Cops, Nan, Nuts,

kamo, Tisue, Voila, Ceks, all my niggas out there doing it big.

TS: Follow me on twitter @rushawnwuan

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