Northern California coast

Getting back to my artistic side and trying to motivate myself to be more productive, busy, and  push the Thrill Side, what better way to do it than with paint, beautiful women and the beach?. I made a few calls, set a day and destination up and we got to it. We on the 880 South and on to the 92 West to Halfmoon Bay. We got there and pretty much had a beach to ourselves.

My good buddy has helped my shirts look good in the past. This time I experiment body painting. Thanks sweetheart ;).

My boy Best always down to help out also. We go back like rocking chairs.

The paint was not the best paint for the job but you live and you learn. I am satisfied though. For now.

I should make a calendar or something.

You know what they say, “behind every hot woman, there is a perv “. This guy went and sat behind those bushes trying not to look every chance he got.

Can’t blame him though. Even a blind man can see this. You know me though, I stood in front of her and blocked the guy’s view. HATER LIFE!

So then we decided to get some more shots and went up a hill. We later found out this is where they filmed a part of Poetic Justice. Tupac and Janet Jackson sat up here. The more you know.

More people started getting to the beach, including some old dudes who went nude and one seemed to be getting a thrill out of just throwing his button up shirt on and walking past us multiple times. Time to go. ummmmmm …….Japanese food.

We then headed south on Highway 1 to Pigeon point. I went here for a week with my 5th grade class. Thanks San Leandro school district for one of my most memorable experiences of my childhood. Oakland school district on the other hand, thanks for memories of stolen cars and dead dogs on campus, the computers in the computer lab being spray painted green after a break in, running on the roof tops, racist fights and my first contact with working on a mural where I proudly say to this day “I painted a patch of grass in the 4th grade” . But fuck that shit.

These things going extinct. Do they even make coins still?

As a kid we got a chance to walk inside and to the top of the lighthouse. This is now prohibited due to the poor condition it’s in now. Help save it.

Turned this.

Into this.

The owner looked nervous when he saw us pull up in the Expedition looking  like the police. We talked to him and he told us how he had just got this 65 Impala as a gift just 3 months ago. Didn’t mind the lady posing on or around it.

Went down to the tide pools and walked around a bit looking at wild life.

Then the Sun set and we headed home. Follow me on twitter @rushawnwuan

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