Beast Oakland Raiders. New Orleans

Like thousands of immigrants, or should I say  millions, my parents sacrificed a whole lot for a better life for my sister, brother and I. They left their homeland, and family behind.I have a great job now,I have my own business too. I like to think that all that is evidence of my parents sacrifices not going in vain. I’m super thankful.

We all grew up in deep east Oakland. Most of us  from the 60s to 100s. We’ve all been through our share of trouble, some more than others. It’s a great feeling being able to take these trips with each other even if it’s once a year, I think it’s real cool that we keep in touch and hang out here and there.

Last year we went to Denver to watch the Raiders play the Broncos, this year we all agreed with New Orleans.

As soon as we got off the the plane we got hit with that humidity. FUCK! it was almost as hot as me out there. Our sweat was sweating.

We stayed at the Marriott on Canal street. We did not get a rental since bourbon street was a few blocks away as well as the Super Dome and plenty of other must go to spots, with exception of the swamp tour.
 photo 5R4A0372_zpsvktdhlt0.jpg

We checked in and headed straight to Bourbon street to eat.

 photo 5R4A0241_zpsgtwgwlbg.jpg
 photo 5R4A0250_zps38yzxd6i.jpg
 photo 5R4A0252_zpsquwpkxdi.jpg

My boy Manny rocking 50 shades of yellow.

 photo 5R4A0256_zpskcaaqnqy.jpg
Ate at Pier 424 Seafood market , also my favorite food spot from that trip. I had Frog legs. They tasted something between chicken and fish.
 photo 5R4A0266_zpsfrcall36.jpg

This was pretty tasty too, if I remember correctly it is was blackened fish.Fresh catch of the day served with seasonal steamed vegetables and chicken and andouille sausage jambalaya.
 photo 5R4A0271_zps1zxhzreh.jpg
Had some of this local beer.
 photo 5R4A0265_zpsaxva9hjg.jpg
 photo 5R4A0270_zpsh18chpi0.jpg
We walked around, had some Hurricanes and looked around the gift shops.
 photo 5R4A0289_zpsuxa7ewo2.jpg
 photo 5R4A0290_zpsfcc6vocl.jpg
 photo 5R4A0291_zpsaofamoon.jpg
The Raider nation was DEEEEP!
man it was awesome to see so many fans all over the place. Did not even look or feel like we were the visiting team. Bourbon street was packed, even ran into a bunch of folks from back home.
 photo 5R4A0295_zpsb9mjo4jl.jpg
 photo 5R4A0275_zpseqidel1r.jpg
 photo 5R4A0304_zpsmvkh4xs7.jpg
 photo 5R4A0318_zpsld4x0wxf.jpg
 photo 5R4A0320_zpsggzxceiw.jpg
 photo 5R4A0324_zpsoxbzgj98.jpg
This woman pretended to show her boobs, and a man pretended to reward her with beads (Homie don’t play that) photo 5R4A0293_zps5wlxpcar.jpg
The homie Alex and Silvi bought some Huge ass beers, I swear I saw them walking around with them for hours. They could not finish them lol.
 photo 5R4A0305_zpszwuzsy6s.jpg
 photo 5R4A0330_zpsgebbttey.jpg
 photo 5R4A0316_zpsezftwbfo.jpg
We hung out on Bourbon street untill like 4 in the morning, chanting, drinking, eating, dancing.
 photo 5R4A0348_zpskvg09spn.jpg

Some people slept there.
 photo 5R4A0356_zpsy0z9uspm.jpg
The next morning we ate breakfast in the lobby and headed to a swamp tour that the homies had booked for us. Waiting on the shuttle in front of the hotel we saw this lady rocking this unique shirt.
 photo 5R4A0373_zpsg2cgp6ma.jpg

On the way there on the shuttle we saw a lot of houses who had been raised significantly due to the horrible Hurricane Katrina disaster.
 photo 5R4A0384_zpsp0pyjzfw.jpg
 photo 5R4A0386_zpslpk1caht.jpg
During our swamp tour it started pouring rain on us so I don’t have many photos.
 photo 5R4A0425_zpshfzqzdwx.jpg
 photo IMG_8488_zpswjjo1fj7.jpg
 photo 5R4A0415_zpsdwf6ezzm.jpg
 photo 5R4A0431_zps9kz8mbue.jpg
 photo cf4f2284-3c28-42bb-a1ed-9908ef65e032_zps2nskmlro.jpg
We saw a few gators along with other birds and some fish that kept jumping out of the water. The whole experience was awesome and the rain soaked us and enhanced it. I recommend it.
 photo IMG_7645_zpsayhoymtn.jpg
 photo IMG_8488_zpswjjo1fj7.jpg
 photo 5R4A0451_zpsov4nemfl.jpg
We went back to the hotel, freshened up and went to hit this “must try” spot called Mothers. There was a long line which moved fairly quickly .We all pretty much agreed that it was nothing amazing or life changing. It had a better history than it did flavor.
 photo 5R4A0492_zpssipshoya.jpg
 photo 5R4A0470_zpsvhqznzbt.jpg
 photo 5R4A0482_zpsoergmpff.jpg
 photo 5R4A0477_zps7p4coxyb.jpg
 photo 5R4A0488_zpswijky95q.jpg

My homie Alex just here, chillin. With a whole chicken on his plate.
 photo 5R4A0484_zpsbutcitds.jpg
We left Mothers , chilled at the Marriot for a bit and then back to Bourbon st. Had to wait on another elevator cause we were too deep.
 photo 5R4A0545_zpsqyps2jlw.jpg
Bourbon st is filled with characters. Brides to be, birthday girls,Shoe shiners, Raiders super fans, strippers, you name it.
 photo 5R4A0518_zpspr6rmfj1.jpg
 photo 5R4A0543_zpss4lblowc.jpg
 photo 5R4A0499_zpswgcpe1m7.jpg
 photo 5R4A0568_zpstpid2jda.jpg
 photo 5R4A0602_zpsmnuireqv.jpg
And everywhere I go, I run into someone who’s nickname is “Beast”.  Check this guy out, had it tatted on his knuckles.
 photo 5R4A0528_zpsaroas2hn.jpg
 photo 5R4A0580_zpskdidvdhj.jpg
We hung out on Bourbon st. till about 4am with the Raider Nation.
It was real cool running into people so far away from home rocking the brand.
 photo 5R4A0503_zpsio1smfwl.jpg
Some of the crew taking in all that was going on.
 photo 5R4A0562_zpsnecnqusj.jpg
 photo 5R4A0570_zpssofes7pz.jpg
 photo 5R4A0573_zpsrdxzcywu.jpg
 photo 5R4A0624_zpserufbzbj.jpg

The next morning , some were woken up by the homie D-bo. D-bo had the room next door and he was banging and scratching  on the walls and door tying to get in, sounding like a puppy anxious to greet his master. We opened the door and this dude looking like a mexican Ja-rule. HOLLLLAAAAAA!!!!
 photo 5R4A0648_zpsrg6jyecx.jpg
We had a quick breakfast at the lobby and marched down the street to the stadium.
 photo 5R4A0653_zps1upszmfd.jpg
 photo 5R4A0655_zpsqkfxrk3f.jpg
 photo 5R4A0657_zpsde2vppak.jpg
 photo 5R4A0661_zpsre3pyrku.jpg
People wanted to take photos of us and everything.
The hospitality was great too, quite a few locals genuinely thanked us for going over and wished us a good time.
 photo ad2e905a-8529-4ffc-bcd5-1308c89b859a_zpscx7dr5ty.jpg
 photo 5R4A0665_zpsg3sjig96.jpg
 photo 5R4A0668_zpsuxclfnnr.jpg
 photo 5R4A0672_zpsoidqy0vn.jpg
The homie Juice and his Signature pose with the Beast Oakland flag.
 photo 5R4A0677_zps45momtmm.jpg
 photo 5R4A0678_zpsd8kqrqpx.jpg
 photo 5R4A0681_zpssg7nmz3f.jpg
That Super Dome is a fucking awesome structure. It reminds me of some kind of space ship. We had a photo shoot outside.
 photo 5R4A0691_zpsuh8ajsem.jpg
 photo 5R4A0702_zpsvr111lmm.jpg
 photo 5R4A0704_zpshmflmulw.jpg
 photo 5R4A0709_zpsr9ejxbl9.jpg
 photo 5R4A0715_zps9wwke1ou.jpg
 photo 5R4A0711_zpsy9kfayvv.jpg
 photo 5R4A0717_zpsp5qpvgcs.jpg
We were glad to finally go inside and enjoy the beauty of AC.
 photo 5R4A0726_zps2rw7czcb.jpg
 photo 5R4A0769_zpsgnzijz7e.jpg
It was a hell of a game. The heckling was not so bad as The Raider Nation was very well represented with crews from all over the country.

We got that well deserved W and the celebration was well deserved as well.
Some people high fived, hugged, and others cleaned their shoes with the Saints’ towels.
 photo 5R4A0782_zpsiwli1t4l.jpg
 photo 5R4A0779_zpsu2pf4xmx.jpg
 photo 5R4A0775_zpswumr0gcj.jpg
 photo 5R4A0783_zpsropsoomx.jpg
 photo 5R4A0785_zpsrwgbbskz.jpg
That walk out of the stadium was sweet. Everyone was celebrating.
 photo fb9ac410-1a0f-4bd7-b10d-2f33b8257f7a_zpsidypicy8.jpg

We got outside where the Raider Nation was gathered and it was a whole other photo shoot again.
 photo 5R4A0800_zpshqvqwzdw.jpg

Guy in the background is like “That’s him Jerry, that’s the guy that teased me”.
 photo 5R4A0799_zpscuorzxoo.jpg
 photo 5R4A0804_zpsqs0gv8pb.jpg
 photo 5R4A0807_zpsah6excvg.jpg
 photo 5R4A0821_zpsub3r4qdx.jpg
 photo 5R4A0816_zpsoocpgbxo.jpg
 photo 5R4A0870_zpsfyiwsjvt.jpg
 photo 5R4A0869_zpsbak6kztt.jpg
 photo 5R4A0876_zps9ktrslxj.jpg
We rested at the hotel for a bit and went right back to ,(guess where)to Bourbon street. Homie Buyo was greeted like this by one of the shoe shiners. (La Onda don’t shine shoes)
 photo 5R4A0890_zpsfrzgociz.jpg
 photo 5R4A0896_zpsgdxjp63s.jpg
We hung out here our last night and celebrated with the Nation.
Chopped it up with hella people, had drinks, re-capped the game, etc.
 photo 5R4A0915_zpsfeqd4dsp.jpg
Big Ferm and his shananiggans.
 photo 5R4A0942_zpsb88ksru6.jpg
 photo 5R4A0922_zpsylvoxlk3.jpg
 photo 5R4A0937_zpsko8qh3mb.jpg

 photo 5R4A0984_zpsoown6efy.jpg
 photo 5R4A0986_zps2dukko5k.jpg
 photo 5R4A0959_zpstoikhrsr.jpg
 photo 5R4A0995_zpsdcj4um05.jpg
 photo 5R4A0944_zps8jm6qxsg.jpg
We ended our night eating here. Good food, those biscuits were SMACKING too..
 photo 5R4A0930_zpssms3taaf.jpg

 photo 5R4A0932_zpsnt5xl8gg.jpg

 photo 5R4A0926_zps1ttal18m.jpg

It was a great experience. I’ll close with this,
spend money wisely, stay out of trouble, see new cities , talk to different people, and make your family proud.
Thank you for visiting.


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