Puerto Rico 2016

After 11+ hours rides on trains and planes, we got on a car and drove to a small port in Fajardo to hop on a boat for a hour and a half ride to Vieques island.

Two words that I describe Vieques as when I talk about this trip are Third Worldish. Tons of abandoned , run down buildings. Horses , Iguanas, roosters running around throughout the island.




We stayed at a small “hotel” that resembled a miniature apartment complex called Seagate  hotel. 5R4A8039.JPG

We stayed here.  Bedroom and tiny restroom.

Woke up at 4am to the singing of about 15 roosters and 25 “Coquis” (what  frogs are reffered to in Puerto Rico) outside.



Thursday we got a cab to Esperanza, on the other side of Vieques. We got some food and explored.





We had seen this painting of a Coqui  on hashtags and it was pretty cool to then see it in person. Great work .5R4A8075

Horses casually strolled by as we  ate some Pastelitos , Fried planteins at Bananas.



Media Luna beach, I brought my sand for my collection from here. This beach was tiny and had some nice whiteish sand. We saw little crabs and fish in the water straight chilling.



Quick lil Lechon at Rancho Choli.


The coolest experience Amanda and I had in Vieques was being in Mosqutio Bay and it’s Bioluminiscent waters. I didn’t take my camera on the kayak so you’re going to have to take my word for it and this photo I stole from the internet here will give you a visual.

It was magical, we played with the water with our hands and it glowed. Fish that swam close to the surface glowed as well. Amazing.

“When agitated, these microscopic organisms (Pyrodinium bahamense or swirling fire) reacts emitting a blue-green light for about a decimal of a second.
There are other bioluminescent bays around the island, but the Mosquito Bio Bay is the one that shines with the most intensity, its shallow and small entrance from the sea impedes the waves from washing away the dinoflagellates; and the mangrove trees, with their decomposition process, provides abundant food for the micro-organisms.” -http://vieques.com/island-bioluminescent-bay/#13/18.1029/-65.4481


We head back to Isabel II to catch the ferry back to Fajardo and to make our way to Bayamon where we stayed the rest of our trip.


Jumped off the Ferry , jumped in the rental car, drove a bit and then we jumped offat Luquillo for some food.


Jumped out in the middle of the road and bought some coconut water and a coconut  from this man for $10.5R4A8166

Old San Juan is BEAUTIFUL.

That’s it.

I loved walking those streets. The old blue brick roads. The bright colored buildings from when Spain colonized. We wrote with chalk on this wall, (ignore the typo I made).

Christopher Columbus statue.

Castle of San Christobal .


The El Morro Castle. we walked around the castle for a few minutes. It’s awesome how big it is, how it’s right on the ocean shore.


Old San Juan streets. Those bricks are beautiful.



Got me a orange icee from this man and he let me put a sticker on his cart.5R4A8279

We had some food at Manolin ,I think this was the best tasting food we had on this trip. The service was great, atmosphere seemed real local, food was done fast. We had Arros con gris and some steak which name I forgot.



We later hit up Orozco’s in the Condado Area.


Steak was ok and fried Plantains were good. Shrimp soup was delicious , Medalla beer was a must.


Walked around for a bit.


When then hit up Placita Santurce for some layed back local music and food scene with lots of locals.


Next morning we got out of Bayamon early and headed to do a little exploring in El Yunke National forest.

We climbed the Yokahu tower.



Then walked about 15 minutes to Mina falls.


I kicked everyone out so I could get my photo. Firts time being under a waterfall, it felt like hundreds of water balloons falling on me.


After my photoshoot under the water fall we headed to Los Kioskos de Luquillo for some food and relax time. This is a place with about 50 ships, most of them restaurants. The rest souveneir shops.


Arros con Avichuelas , Pernil and the plantain thing is Trifongo which has ground beef inside of a fried plantain and mashed plantain.


I bought a Trompo off this man who had a little stand outside the Kioskos. I asked who was the artist and he said he was. He even showed me a finger which had a chunk missing due to being cut while making Trompos years ago.



We chilled on the beach for a while and just enjoyed doing nothing.

Back in Old San Juan for a Valentines dinner.

On our last day we did our last walk in Old San Juan before heading to the airport.

We ate breakfast at Mallorca.


Walked our last walk through old San Juan. This flag was another thing we saw on hastags and we decided to go and find it.


We walked around a bit more. Bought some more souveneirs. Went to The San Christobal castle.

I’ll give some advice for those who care, whenever you travel somewhere, wether it’s Puerto Rico or Hawaii, or where ever. Don’t try and see it all. You wont be able to. Instead just enjoy the moment. Slow down. Pick a few places to go, chill, let it soak in that your’e in another beautiful place, and be thankful that your’e able to make that trip. Thank you and hope you enjoyed this post. -Rush

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