A day at the range

With all these birds falling out of the sky for an unknown reason, all the fish washing up dead, and 2012 around the corner, we at Thrillside.com know we have to be prepared.  Prepared for what?………..ZOMBIES!. All those resident evil games and movies won’t be enough practice so D-bo Jones and I decided to go to the shooting range.

D-bo Jones swooped me up and sometimes I think D-bo Jones is like some of the rounds we used this day,”special” . Put that gun away D-Bo blood come on son.

We got to the spot and D-bo Jones started with the .357 revolver with the .38 Special rounds from 12 yds.

I started with the 30 ought 6 Remington from 100yds.

We shot a few rounds and previously Jones and I agreed we were only going to count the shots on the black of the paper. On that note, jones was virgin status and didn’t hit shit.

We then walked the 100 yds to check me out right quick.

Two out of five.

Jones and his OJ Simpson gloves loading up the 30 ought 6

Me and the .357 now

What’s this? oh you have a spotter? ya’ll fancy hu?

Anyways, this is after I shot the .357 a few times. Got one up there.

Here’s Jones on the 100 yds, He needs to take some advice from Beyonce and shoot a little “to the left to the left”

We switch guns again and Jones decides to shoot like the thugs in the movies do.

I try to shoot like that nigga Mark Wahlberg

We check out our progress at the 12yds and Jones manages to get one in the black.

Now off to the 100 yds and see how we did there. The fancy guys again.

Jones came to the conclusion that I added another shot to the black and he was still shooting off to the right. Not good, we better keep practicing or hope that these zombies are looking more like that chick Precious cause if they show up looking like Paris Hilton or Amy Winehouse its going to be a wrap.

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2 Responses to “A day at the range”
  1. calycow2 says:

    U do know u ain’t supposed to take pic’s of ur target if u missed… lol!

  2. pacser1 says:


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