Shrimps by the Lb.

You guys ever have those days when all your plans just go bad? of course you do, everyone does. The good thing about days like this is you can always go out and stuff your fat face .Well that’s exactly what we did. It was D-bo Jones, Frisco, Globe, Tone “Briskets” Barajas , Dartnell and I. We jumped in Frisco’s candy watermelon Green Escalade on 26″ rims and onto the 880 south to Crawdaddy in San Jose.

So we get to the place and it’s a waiting line like if they were giving away the shrimp or something. We waited watching the NY Jets play the Indianapolis Colts in a wildcard game for the playoffs. Oh really tubby boy?,

anyways, the Jets beat the Colts, we got seated and then it seemed like it was a race to put your bib on,the waitress didnt even take our order yet. FATTTTTT BOIIIIIIIES!

I ordered a Heineken cause I want to be different.

Globe stuck his Ice out through his bib cause…because….ummm… well that’s just how he is.

I asked the waitress for a pen and then gave her this.(waitress if you are reading this, email me, I love you. kthnxbye)

Globe, Frisco and I ordered a Lb of spicy shrimp each and the rest of the guys ordered a Lb of mild shrimp each.

We had a side of crispy shrimp, and fries as well.

“Hey blood pull my sleeve down, no homo though”-Frisco

“this how you gotta eat these g-thangs boiiieeee”
“Fuck a bib bruh, look at my fingers, wetttttt”
“oh yeahhhhhh boiiiieeee uhmmmm uhmmm”
Needless to say, them g-thangs and the beer were about riiiiiiiight.

“awwwwww bruh that’s it?”

Me:”Jones what you doing blood?”
Jones: “nigga I’m bout to take the juice and make some of this at the house”

Tone: “let me see that, get a picture of me brehh, looking like oj the juice man”

Dartnell and I could of had a little more

Me: “Jones you really finna take all our shrimp juice?”
Jones: “Yeahh bruh”

Tone: “This aint no gold fish bruh”
Me: “my nigga taking all of crawdaddy’s secret ingredients”

Me: “oh shit we had wings too?”
Globe:”slow niggas get left bruh”
Me: “I heard that”

until next time Crawdaddy, no homo if applicable.

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One Response to “Shrimps by the Lb.”
  1. burrskitz says:

    baby fake road trip right their tho mayne we was actin a donkey on the way up with 5th of ciroc……boi stop

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