El Infierno

The last movie that got me as enthralled as this was The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Made me want to pick up a sword and just go to battle. That was years ago. This is now.

If you don’t speak spanish, then this is where Rosetta Stone or your latino patnas kicks in. So this guy “Beni” goes back to his home country of Mexico after years in the U.S. Apparently Beni did not keep in contact because he comes home to find out that his brother was killed due to a drug cartel war going on in his town(seriously Beni? you can’t buy one of the thousands of calling cards at the liquor store with the pictures of horses and Mexicans on them to check in on your family ? clown.).

The lack of work and opportunities lead Beni to join a local cartel which exposed him to a whole new world, or should I say El Infierno, which is Spanish for Hell. This is where the action starts, Beni gets deep in the game which then leads him to find out who killed his brother.

I would say this movies is Gran Torino meets The Good Fellas , City of God and sprinkled with a little tiny bit of Bad boys. If you like action, comedy , bullets, blood, and cowboy hats, you will love El Infierno. This movie gets the Hyena stamp of approval so if you are going to sleep on a movie, DO NOT sleep on this one. YEEEEEEEEEEEE!.Follow me on twitter @rushawnwuan

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