Chillin and Grillin

After all this talk about grillin animals and what not, we finally got to it and we made it happen at Jones’ place while we watched these good ol football games. I got there kinda late so I didn’t get to taste the shrimp with crawdaddy’s leftover sauce from the previous week which everyone seemed to love even and Dartnell made sure to let everyone know every 5 minutes that about 8 people had ate out of there the week prior.

Made my way past the stolen couch.

We all dropped fades on the food, beer, bottles and all the goodies. Dartnell cheap ass only brought the ice “GUCCI TIME GUCCI TIME”.

We all were eating like our life’s depended on it. Shout out to o.g. Jameson bringing us all kinds of food. The 20 Lbs of carne asada were like an appetizer.

All that ice in there got us cold so we went outside and checked out some heat. Marqueese.

Jones a lil dusty but you see em.

The iced out Hyena, give props, or go ahead and hate, call it a chiuhahua , praire dog, whatever. Just don’t call it fake.

Back inside, Vicente with the drank.

O.G. Jameson getting the grill cleared out with the oysters and getting them links ready to meet their makers

You want some of this?

Before we knew it OG Jameson brought the hotdogs.

Me:”My nigga Nach got two of them g-thangs? damn fatttttt boiiiiiie”
Must: “One’s for him to eat and the other is for him to sit on”

Briskets showed up and we went outside right quick

one of my niggas who shall remain nameless, messed up with his wording and  proceeded to get a extra crispy roast courtesy of the Hyenas, fucked around and got third degree burns . Sometimes you just gotta let it go man, LET. IT. GOOOOO. I didn’t want to be involved so I made my way past the pool table and to where OG Jameson was at hooking up some of those oysters like only he knows how.

and the roast goes on.
we cleared the pool table up and Vicente and I proceeded to school these kids on the table. We started our dynasty and went 5-0 making our first victims the “Oh so icy boys”

Magoo and Donald got it too.

on our 6th  match and undefeated we met our challenge and lost to young Must and Jones.

I give em props, they got their shine on.

about this time we got hungry again and decided to drop some money for some burger pattys.

Jumped in the car and sipped on that Ciroc and Ocean Spray. (please don’t drink and drive we had a designated driver)

went here to get about a trillion right quick.

drank in ile 3
Refrescos in ile 4

And my nigga Briskets cold chilling in ile 5

Got the pattys back to D-bo Jones’ house and got that good fire going.

we ended up throwing these thangs on sandwich bread cause we didnt bring buns. PLAYAS FUCK UP,

like this post, everything comes to an end. We cleaned up a little and then these guys took this stolen couch back to where they got it from.

and that’s , and that’s, and that’s and that’s allll folks.Follow me on twitter @rushawnwuan

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