West side road tripping!

It took Coach Manda and I over 30 hours to drive to Universal studios from Oakland California. Why? well we took a detour to the Four corners monument, aka the Four Corners, where Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona meet. Driving through Vegas, we had to stop for a drink and food. We had to. … Continue reading


I don’t know what or how Mexicans  got the idea for these things. I don’t know how many people get ideas about plenty other things for that matter but, a lot of these weird things catch my attention. If they involve some kind of food, then I’m on it. Except spiders. Fuck spiders. I’m not … Continue reading

Mook Life On The Thrill Side!

Whats up Hyenas? My name is HTO and as gay as it sounds, I’m one of Rushawn’s internet friends. There is no other way of putting it. I mean, I feel like I know the dude pretty well thanks to the internet even though  he lives on the west coast of the United States and … Continue reading

Northern California coast

Getting back to my artistic side and trying to motivate myself to be more productive, busy, and  push the Thrill Side, what better way to do it than with paint, beautiful women and the beach?. I made a few calls, set a day and destination up and we got to it. We on the 880 … Continue reading

El Infierno

The last movie that got me as enthralled as this was The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Made me want to pick up a sword and just go to battle. That was years ago. This is now. If you don’t speak spanish, then this is where Rosetta Stone or your latino patnas kicks in. So … Continue reading