Lake Tahoe 2011

Every year for the past 6 or so years I make my way to the Lake Tahoe area for some good ol snow boarding. This yr was no different. I headed out there with Geraud, Dartnell and Briskets didn’t end up going for whatever reason, CLOWNS!.

We  met up with my boy Malik from the old BOH crew, (r.i.p. Havit and Haunt, you are not forgotten)who put us on at the Zephyr cove resort with a little cabin.

First thing is first , where the food at though? . We walked inside straight to the bar and chopped it up, got some drinks and waited for our order.

DAMN FATTTTT BOIIIEEEE!, I got this g-thang. The spicy angus burger (with avocado of course).

This is the cabin, nothing fancy and hella warm.

living room

upstairs, I was out here feeling like that chick from that one story “Goldie Locks and the 3 bears”. I tried these beds but they were not my type.

Now this bed right here, that was the one. Nothing like Master P’s but it was great.

Took a few pics for one of my assignements.

But fuck that shit fuck that shit, we headed out to the strip for a little bit, hit the casinos where they took the few Andrew Jackson notes I had in my wallet within 10 minutes.

Headed out to the street again and walked in the powder house just because it reminded me of my nigga xo.

Who wants gas though? no wonder no one was eating there.

Headed back to the cabin to wait for friends to join us.

Drank and waited.

The next morning we got up and ready to hit The International House of Pancakes and then hit the slopes. Meet Gizmo and Joy.


We got to Sierra at Tahoe and it was on.

After a few rides down the easy slope Joy and I headed up higher where I pulled out this gthang and enjoyed the view.

Most of you know that if I’m around, Pumpkin seeds are as well. Around here is where I think I lost my phone.

Met up with Geraud downhill and headed back up.

Joy and I later headed up higher to the 360 grill at the top of the mountain.

Headed to the cabin to get ready to get on The Tahoe Queen courtesy of Malik. Fuck snow angels, I made a snow Hyena. YEEEE YEEEE.

My Hyena a real life captain though, you mad?.

Got on the Yacht and hit the bar up, they served us in these old school peanut butter looking glasses.

We were in there feeling pretty fancy.

I headed over to the appetizer table and got some goodies.

Got escorted down stairs where the food was at. Prime rib.


Total strangers

And you know I had to get some dessert, I had to.

Headed upstairs to get some fresh air. It was colder than a dead penguin’s body out there so it was hella lonely.

The propellers or what ever these things are, they kept us in motion.

It was also darker than Charlie Murphy out there, had to open my apperture all the way up and set the shutter at 10 seconds to get this shot. Camera talk.

Got back to shore and met up with Malik where he had my phone (long story short, I lost my phone at the ski resort,

I charged it to the game,

someone found it and made some calls on my phone,

called the only 530 number on it which happened to be Malik,

who happened to know the guy and drove it to him for a very low fee of $20)
We headed to the bar and talked some more about life.

Headed back to that good ol cabin and stopped here to get some drinks. Geraud called it “a thrift store for alcohol”.

Sunday morning we got up and ready to head home. Stopped real quick for some pics. I’m sorry but Gizmo needs help in the fashion department.

Crusty ass donut before we head out cause a fat boy gotta eat.

We pretty much drank alcohol the whole weekend. Cheers motherfuckers!.

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