Mexico vs Paraguay 2011

About 3 years ago I remember Mexico came to the Oakland coliseum to play. I was not interested in going so therefore I did not buy a ticket. Game day came , I start calling the Hyenas to see what was cranking around the town only to find out they all had gotten tickets to the game and were in attendance at the coliseum. So there I was, a lone Hyena, no one to hang out with, I realized I was missing out on life and ended up watching the Mexico game on the t.v. like a clown. That day I swore that next time the Mexican national team came to play that I would be there. Been there ever since. This is the latest, please excuse the quality of the pictures do to the rain and not knowing my camera 100%.

Someone knew someone that was throwing a tailgate taco and tamborazo party so we dropped some fades on that. This is what seems to be the hype at every Mexican get together now.



Didn’t take long for the beer bong to show up

We left the pack for our first stroll of the parking lot and to mark our territories.
Saw this, who’s mad though?

Party Party

Mexicans stand outside Home Depots offering their help, Home Depot stands outside the Mexico games offering their services. No coincidence , we’re connected. you mad?

Corinthian Kingsley and a random hottie.

Saw what’s her name and took a pic in front of El Angel de La Independencia.

Made it back to our spot. Yes that other bong was a lil bigger, AND? so what? respect the craftmanship of Marqueese’s.

Laura looking at Adrianna like “ok, any day now, I been was done”

ok enough of that, I got in line to the taco spot for my breakfast.

5 taquitos para comensar. 3 de Asada y dos de Al Pastor with green and red sauce, onions and Cilantro. Already had more gas than the middle east so I passed on the Beans.


Listened to these guys while we ate.

Dance Dance Dance


J-Many showed up

Went on another stroll through the parking lot.
Hella got all in the news and sent a shout out to My Hyenas. I had to do it, I had to.

Bought some peanuts from this guy for a dollar and he asked to get a picture taken. “pa el recuerdo”

Saw my boy Traps out there.

Hit another Tailgate where they had the hardcore shit.

How many cops does it take to write a poor litte old lady a ticket for trying to make a couple bucks?

Someone had to whoride em, had to.

I think this guy was trying to hook up a pinata.

Got up in the game and Corinthian predicted 2 goals by Chicharito.



After those 2 goals my camera died and we got up and walked around to peep the scene. Good thing Pac Donald had a backup camera.

Line to restroom packed. Pee outside kitchen.

Yours truly, you know if I got my rain coat, my camera gotta be raincoated too. BRISKETS BREH!

poor little old girl got smacked on the head in front of me with a roll of toilette paper. Now this wasn’t no ordinary toilette paper either. Poor girl wished it would of been some type of double quilted paper but no. This was the complex roll, looks like compressed newspaper, might as well had thrown a ream of paper, pretty much its a brick wrapped in a napkin.

Anyways. decided to walk some more and see what was really good.

We saw some guys running around with a huge Mexican flag and tagged along with them.




BOOOOOOOM! poor lady got tackled by the mexican hyphy train.

Ran into Briskets

Ran from senior citizen security and into the suites looking for Vicho.

Chapulin Colorado

Outside the game where these Hot Dog slangers. HUSTLIN HUSTLIN HUSTLIN

Waited for tow truck man to open the car cause I slipped and left the keys in the trunk. HYENAS FUCK UP!

Dude did the whooptie woop woop and whammmmmm.50 dollars later We good again.

We lived happily ever after.

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  1. corinthiankingsley says:

    till the next episode….Yeeeee Yeeeeee!

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