Oakland A’s season opener 2011

For the last few years I’ve been trying to get in to sports because I’m one of the few guys out there who could care less who’s playing who , where and for what title. I’m faster to play than I am to watch a game. Don’t know why but that’s just how I always was. However as a kid I do remember remember writing “Raiders” on my favorite sweater and going to A’s games but that’s it. Now days you can catch me and The Hyenas quite a few times at the Oakland coliseum like you can catch hookers on E. 14th.

We drove up in that g-thang and gave the chick at the front $15 to park.

First thing is first, cracked these open one time.

Kick back


Seems like I need to step my shoe game up. Young Must the only person I know talking bout “I just got my shoes fresh out the shop, looking fresh again”. I think he got them thangs rebuilt or something.

Baby Cesar at his first game. Already flirting. He’s a good kid that kid.

Wit his unlce

We headed towards the entrance and to meet Dbo Jones who was on his way.

While waiting for Jones, Peps sells beer.

Claudia showed up, now where’s jones?

Is that him in that ashy ass blue car? nope


Finally Jones shows up like he’s at the sideshow just asking for a ticket. Brand new 2012 “End of the world” edition Camaro.

The rest of the Hyenas head inside while Jones, Must and I take a stroll through the parking lot.

As soon as we get inside. “Hey hey take a picture of me and my family”

Got a few of these one time.

Head to our seats and kick back.

A faattttt boiiiiiiiiee always needs his snack

washed it down with some good over priced draft beer

Took a stroll , ran into the homie and them.

Fell in love.

With both of them

Random fans.

Out of nowhere I hear the “WHERE MY HYENAS AT?” shout (I’m such a liar, the shout came from The Hyena Chuch on section 204, row 5, seat 17.

Had to pee hella bad, peed for like 5 minutes straight so fuck it I took a pic while I waited.

Went in search of the pack


“Hey what’s up Nach”

“What’s up broooooooooo”

Young Must looking hella accomplished next to a pretty young thang.

Yahmsayin yahmsayin

Game was over , took a picture of about 30 people in an Astro van and they were NOT Mexicans.

Hella tired. We lost. Fuck it.

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