The 1st annual Hyena bbq. April 9th 2011.

The Hyenas were born out of a soccer team in 2007 when a group of friends from similar backgrounds , different crews came together as one. Hyenas are friends, brothers, sisters, underdogs, ugly ducklings, survivors, Davids in a world of Goliaths. Hyenas are against all odds and not afraid of the challenges this world or life has in store for us, but what ever that is, we’re gonna shine regardless, REGARDLESS BREH .

The Hyenas are now spreading and this here is our first official bbq. Thanks to all for showing up,helping out and behaving, it was a great time and with the attendees at 70 plus, we all agree that it was a success.

Dartnell , Dbo Jones and I organized as best we could. We got to the lake at 8 and set up shop.

Told everyone to look for the Hyena tent. Hooked that gthang up early in the AM.

Took some shots of that good Cien Anos and made a toast to the Hyenas.

You know fat boiiies gotta eat. what’s this? Dbo you didnt bring the bbq tongs and knifes like you were supposed to? fuck it, use this dirty ass branch to flip that patty.

Expo came by like at 11am , brought some goodies and also hooked this up.

The Hyenas started showing up shortly after noon.

Must is struck with options on what to throw on his hot dog.

My Hyena Dartnell held that grill down like only he knows how.

Serb hooked himself up with a lil something

My nephews showed up.


Lil group shot.

Now back to the food.

My good ol buddy Denisha hooked them Chicken cabobs like only she knows how.

Glad to see lots of people I had not got a chance to hang out with or seen in a while.
The Asian invasion.

My Hyenas from years back showed up. YEEEEE

My Hyena Best from NSC

Kevin Jame’s stunt double Ozzie and them

okok now back to the food.

That nigga chester  looking like he never ate squirrel before.

Chester saw the Jonese burger and is looking like “let me get something normal to eat bruh”

Beautiful day at the park.

These guys looking like they got put on time out.

Ashley looking like she bout to Rodney King Annalisa real quick.

My Hyena Frisco xo showed up with a little something.

Little by little people left but some still hung in there.

My Hyena Briskets was in the house.

I noticed a rap battle started between Adajah and Best.

All in all, It was a great day, thanks again to all for coming and being part of this Hyena thang we got going. Thanks for reading, we are the Hyenas and the Thrill Side is our home.Follow me on twitter @rushawnwuan YEEEE YEEEEEEEEE

3 Responses to “The 1st annual Hyena bbq. April 9th 2011.”
  1. El Machetes says:

    It’s all love man.

  2. mrozzie says:

    I had Hella fun ma nikka!! Lorenzo wa out of control when we left bro. We almost crashed on the freeway thanks to mono. And the captions is funny ma nikka. Kevin James for reala nikka???? Jajajajaja! Is good that’s why you look like Mario from the Mario bros!! Jajajaja!! I had Hella fun tho thanks for having us ma niggz!

  3. luvbudd says:

    hahahaaaa tha captions got me rolln on tha flOor bLuuuuuud! LuvBudd

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