Street Kings vs. Hard Head Muscle

Early Saturday on a cloudy day and a passion for cars and speed. What to do? take em out for a quick run. Some of the Hyenas got a car club going by the name of Street kings. A friendly challenge was set up with another club by the name of Hard Head Muscle. I jumped in the Malibu classic and we were on our way.


saw this on the way.

The Town.

Saw the police and they rolled right past us.

Arrived at the top secret location and got that good tire pressure checked.

Waited a little for the next contender to arrive

Street Kings stand up.

This gets you more grip than velcro.

Hard Head Muscle pulled up.

But the contender is new muscle. Grand cherokee with the all wheel drive, these things beast out fresh out the dealer.

They lined up and got ready.

Need of a quick jumps start.

That cherokee has a great take off.

3 runs and the Malibu always crept up from behind to get the W but you don’t have to take my word for it. Just ask the drivers.

Raul out here looking like he on the set for Fast and the Furious 6.

So we chopped it up a little bit and then had to leave cause some of thes guys had to get something to eat. FAAAAAT BOIIESSS!

Got cars that you wan’t to display for the thrillside? get at me. , until then. Buckle up, don’t drink and drive and wash your hands constantly.

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