The Hyenas at Bay to Breakers 2011

Last yr was the first yr attending this event. It was four locos drinking on that Four Lokos drank, OFF THE HOOK!. This day was the 100th anniversary and of course we had to hit it up again. This time it was five of us. I didn’t look for a costume so I had to get a last minute costume of a boxer. I threw on my shorts and took my gloves out of the closet.  Met up with Dartnell who dressed up as a pimp and Adajah who was Black swan. Fred was a penguin and E was a normal civilian. We got to the Coliseum Bart and waited for our train to San Francisco.

Had these bad boys from the previous night.

Cruising and communicating via sign language.

Got to our destination

Oh yeah shake em girl

This year word got out that they were stricter on the alcohol so I had to throw my drinks in my boxing gloves. HOLLA!

Clowns everywhere

Right about now was time to let that killer penguin loose!



Oh word?


The penguin got territorial with a wrassler, must of been mating season or something. Dartnell in the back just looking and shit, didn’t wanna get his velure suit dirty. E didn’t wanna spill his beer.


yo wassup lil momma what yo name is?

Checked this out for like a second and cut cause we didn’t have time for games.

Caution for what? hella chins?

Believe me, I found that Waldo fASSt!



Siendo ollo asta de pollo disen por ahi.

Found us a nice lil thang. ESA DE ROJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So nice that Dartnell “Ice berg” Purp wanted to keep her. Love at first sight, can’t blame em.

I was more like love at first bite. OUCH!


GOD DAMN IT THERE’S OSAMA! didn’t see him in person.

This guy could rock a hair net on his back.

what’s really good though?

The ladies love us. And we love them.


where’s Adajah?

look what we can do



she wanted to get her butt bit by that penguin.

dude thinking he’s me


I grew up with those guys

oh there you guys are again.

The ladies were having more fun than us. trust me.

Beachball fun

got awesome wristbands

said wristband made me feel strong, picked her up cause, why not? all the cool kids are doing it.

this chicken is going to be beating his chicken thanks to that lil black swan

made this guy’s day.

we pretty much turned this event into a “search for the great American butt”. The women loved it , the crowd loved it. Tough job that someone has to do. We made sure to let everyone know where to find the pics.

He’s a bad penguin that penguin

E looking like he’s holding a bowling ball.

but don’t get us wrong. boobies are cool too.

I’m just a butt guy.

I think E agrees.

good pick guy.

he just picked winners.

Hyena Gladiators

I hope santa brings us these two for christmas

the penguin and the penguin fans

Witness the penguin steal dude’s chick right from under his arm pit then watch her love it and dude’s little heart get hurt. GET HER! GET HER!

“hey bro may i have my girl back? it’s like she’s both ours but i’ma just keep her at my house”

The penguin went on to dance “la quebradita”

and kidnaping

About 3hrs and almost 300 pictures left my battery died. Thank viIosoraptor jesus for camera phones. I met a contender who I defeated in the 1st round

showed this guy how to do real push ups

got to the finish line and picked up our trophies for last place

sucker for blondes!

and Asians

Hello Cougars, we’re the Thrill Side Hyenas and we’re asking for a booty shot. thanksloveyoubuhbye.

Ran into this hot nurse.

And again Dartnell wanted to take her home.

7 miles later you know we were hungry. Copped these for $10 each.

No women or animals were hurt in the making of this great memory. Thanks for reading and make sure to check back for updates and whatever crazy event we get ourselves into and remember not to try these things at home.

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  1. wowzers! yall are havin wayyyyyy too much fun 😉

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