Sumo Grub

My buddy Michael Steed shared a link on face book about “The battle of the taco trucks” a few weeks ago and naturally being the fat boys that we are we were pretty juiced about the event.

So the day came, I was at Best’s house watching the undercard matches before Pacquiao and Mosley. Steed hit me up telling me he was outside right before The Pacman and Mosley old ass started fighting. I left and didn’t care bout the fight to much cause Pacman wasn’t fighting Maywether  and I had a taco truck battle to go to. DAMMMMM FATTTTTT BOIIEIEEEE.

I pictured myself in taco truck heaven and ordering taco after taco after taco. I imagined all of E.14th’s taco trucks in attendance but WRONG, WRONG , WRONG.

we got to the place and it already looked lonelier than Eastmont mall outside. At the door was Kevin Hart checking IDs. Why would you check IDs at a taco battle? and why would you have Kevin Hart do it? clowns.

The place looked like a dead ass wedding with 2 taco trucks in it.

Giant ass , fake ass, no candy having ass Pinata.

My paisanos were there

Along with these guys

$2 tacos?

There we were, we saw it all as soon as we walked in the place. 2 taco trucks and this guy with his taco bike.

Wuakeen smart ass was like “well they did only have 2 trucks on the flyer”

It looked like the party was over even though it was only 2 hrs in in a scheduled 5 hr event.

Lucky for us this guy here with the red hat encouraged us to go get our money back like he and dozens of other people did.

We headed to the box office and asked to get refunded.

So anyways, this “Battle of the taco trucks” was more of a “Let down of the taco trucks” for us. There are more trucks on 29th and E14th at any given time than at this event. So what did we do? did we let this ruin our night? Of course not, we did what any fat boy would do in a time like this. We went to the Sumo Grub in Berkeley.

Meet the Sumo Grub. A seven month old and youngest restaurant on the food network where they fry everything (EVERYTHING) you want.
They have a few challenges that  none of us were ready for.

Wall of fame and wall of shame

We took a look around at the menu and talked to Jason who’s the owner of the place.

My film camera flirted with Wuakeen’s digital

Steed and Selma ordered pork with the the deep fried mac and cheese.

Wuakeen ordered a deep fried burger

I got me a deep friend Chicken Apple dog with a water(I’m on a diet).

Hey Jason honestly was expecting the bread to be deep fried too. Maybe next time I’ll ask for it that way. Anyways, it was a good hot dog that hot dog, everyone liked the food and we were ready for dessert. We ordered a Tempura suicide (I think that’s what the “T” in “t suicide” stands for). This dessert consists of fried ice cream, fried twinkie, fried twix and fried Oreo cookies. HOLLA

This is right after Wuakeen told me ” don’t get married Rush, it’s like getting another mom”

so we did what we did best and cleaned out the plate

Then the Steed showed off his freshly done ink.

So there you have it, after the Duel of the taco trucks  we made the best of our night with about a million more calories in the tank and an extreme urge to go to the bathroom. thanks for reading this episode of the FATTTTT BOIIIESSS! Follow me on twitter @rushawnwuan

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