3rd annual Hyena BBQ

First off sorry for the delay on this post and the lack of updates on here period. This year’s been filled with all kinds of events, Beastoakland is popping and keeping me real busy. R.i.p. The Hyena Noe Garcia a.k.a Snoe Woods! He was another victim of this senseless life style in Oakland. Also R.i.p. … Continue reading

Raiders vs. Jaguars 2012

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I’m an Oakland fan. I want my city to shine. Being a Raider fan is hard though, It’s like going fishing all the time and never catching any fish. Like having a fish bite on your bait, fighting it for a while, reeling it in and … Continue reading

Bay to Breakers 2012

Oh how time flies. Seems like just a few months ago I was out here with White Boy Freddie and them harassing girls. Here we are a year later, this time we cholo’d out.  We met up at BART ,La Green eyes,  La Shorty , El Rush loc, Lil D, Sad girl, Shy Girl. Thrill … Continue reading

How weird is it faire.

I heard about this thing this same day.  Best NSC hit me up, he’s one of my Hyenas that be with the shit. We tend to like a lot of the same things , we want to hit up every fun event possible. I got swooped up and Wuero Pemex was driving. (Look out for … Continue reading

East Bay bike party. Hayward CA.

So there’s this thing called “East Bay bike party” where a huge group of people get together and ride around a designated route in a designated city. This one was themed Waldo. I heard about it on fb a night before it happened. I got on the phone , called a few of the Hyenas … Continue reading

San Francisco Santacon 2011

Years ago I saw pictures on the internet  of hella people skiing and snowboarding while dressed as Santa Claus and thought it was awesome. Last year a coworker told me about this thing called Santacon/Santarchy. Started in the early 90s in San Francisco where hella people dress up as Santa or something Santa/Christmas related and … Continue reading

Toughmudder Norcal 2011

As a kid I would love to be climbing,  jumping, swimming and getting dirty. Well I still like doing all of those things actually so when I heard about the Toughmudder event last year I was hella down to go but it was last minute. This time I had plenty of time and and I … Continue reading

Waterballoon war and slip n slide

First off , sorry for not updating in such a long time, I’m having camera issues. Although it might not feel like summer with our silly weather in the town, The Hyenas decided to throw this event. A waterballoon fight. Thanks to all the help we managed to fill up over 3,000 waterballoons and hit … Continue reading

Art Murmur weekend

The Art Murmur goes down every first Friday of the month in Oakland on 23rd and telegraph. I remember painting there once a few years ago but I thought it was a one time thing. So what happens is the art galleries are open for free. there are food vendors and creative people selling all kind … Continue reading

Guelaguetza 2011

If you know me you know I’m from a part in Mexico where it’s not “cool” to be from. I’m from a part where 40% of the population is of indigenous decent as compared to 15% of Mexico as a whole (forgot where I read that at). I’m from  Oaxaca Mexico and very proud of … Continue reading

The Hyenas at Bay to Breakers 2011

Last yr was the first yr attending this event. It was four locos drinking on that Four Lokos drank, OFF THE HOOK!. This day was the 100th anniversary and of course we had to hit it up again. This time it was five of us. I didn’t look for a costume so I had to … Continue reading

BYOBW 2011

Now those that know me know that I’m a grown ass kid and so are a lot of my friends so its only natural that when Indio told me about the “Bring your own big wheel” (BYOBW) event I knew I had to go. The name says it all, Bring your OWN big wheel and … Continue reading