Art Murmur weekend

The Art Murmur goes down every first Friday of the month in Oakland on 23rd and telegraph. I remember painting there once a few years ago but I thought it was a one time thing. So what happens is the art galleries are open for free. there are food vendors and creative people selling all kind of weird, cool, creepy things.  I went out there with Best and white boy Freddy, some of the funniest people I know,they have some of the weirdest, inapropriate, disrespectful, comments I have heard. You will also notice I watermarked all my pics now since i’m stepping up my photoshop game.

we got to the spot.

People selling cool stuff.

Walked into the first gallery, didn’t check the artists name though.

This was pretty cool.

I might would need these for my Alaska trip. Air Esquimos.

Big ass dream catcher

And you know I gotta get my eat on where ever I go.

Since I want to go to NY this yr I got me this good hot dog from an original NY hot dog cart to warm up.

Walked around

Went in to another gallery. This one made me feel as if I would of been off hella shrooms (at least that’s what I think from what people have told me)

Across the st this gallery was creepy.

Walked outside and saw hella people dressed in black like they were at a funeral. They were protesting the consideration of Oakland’s city council to close 14 libraries, this shit was hella creepy too.

so after that weird shit, we went into this gallery with a bunch of rabbits.

Hyphy ass rabbits ghostriding the whip.

Then we see this weird sculpture thing. “it looks like they’re coming out of a butthole” -White boy Freddy

And these things.

Fast forward and we got up to Daly City to a patna’s house. I purchased this Mezcal from bev-mo(I’m on some other shit)

you know you’re balling when you have a Granite Domino set from Europe.

Freddy and them doing what they does best.

The Mezcal’s worm. Best and I went half half on it.

Next morning as we were riding home we saw this accident and pulled over to see if everyone was ok.

They happened to crash right by that beer can on the bottom left.

The driver and passenger were both conscious with what seemed to be no life threatening injuries. Freddy is shown here helping the passenger out because she was the one who was in more pain. He diagnosed her with a few broken ribs.

After we talked to the people and made sure they were ok and the amberlampse was on the way we jumped in the scraper and headed to get a burrito.

Oakland shirts coming soon, thanks for reading.

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