Cold Dog

As a kid I would have these weird food “inventions”. One of my most memorable ones was the Ice Cream Sandwich. It consisted of two slices of sandwich bread (or if I was feeling real fat I would make me double decker with three slices of bread) and that good Ice cream my parents would buy from Pack n Save.  In 2004 I gave some of the Hyenas a sneak peak of  a prototype  Cold Dog at my patna Romo and Rosi’s apartment. Now that Summer is here and with improvements such as cherries, sprinkles and peanuts the Cold Dog is ready to go in to full scale manufacturing.

This video is dedicated to all them Fat boys and girls all over the globe that love to try all kind of weird and new foods. ENJOY!

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One Response to “Cold Dog”
  1. i could really use a cold dog right about now….

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