Puerto Rico 2016

After 11+ hours rides on trains and planes, we got on a car and drove to a small port in Fajardo to hop on a boat for a hour and a half ride to Vieques island. Two words that I describe Vieques as when I talk about this trip are Third Worldish. Tons of abandoned … Continue reading

Beast Oakland Raiders @ Broncos

Grew up around these dudes, we’ve had mutual friends for over 15 years. They set up a Raiders  away game with destination to Denver. I was hesitant at first but then I convinced myself. Fuck it, why not? It was 17 of us total, 14 on the flight there and then met up 3 more … Continue reading

Miami Florida, 2013

An Airplane crash landed today,7-06-2013 at SFO, It was coming from Seoul South Korea with over 300 passengers. Two of them died. I haven’t flown too many times, I hate flying. Going and coming to Miami I could not help to think about an air plane accident. I managed though, I kept thinking happy things. … Continue reading

3rd annual Hyena BBQ

First off sorry for the delay on this post and the lack of updates on here period. This year’s been filled with all kinds of events, Beastoakland is popping and keeping me real busy. R.i.p. The Hyena Noe Garcia a.k.a Snoe Woods! He was another victim of this senseless life style in Oakland. Also R.i.p. … Continue reading

In to the wild.

I got my first 100+ likes on Instagram the other day,  a picture of some tacos and on a blurry ass picture of the Beast Oakland sticker at the Warriors game, the thing is I’m on my way to being an internet celebrity. Also, one of my hyenas’ birthday was this weekend and to celebrate, … Continue reading


I don’t know what or how Mexicans  got the idea for these things. I don’t know how many people get ideas about plenty other things for that matter but, a lot of these weird things catch my attention. If they involve some kind of food, then I’m on it. Except spiders. Fuck spiders. I’m not … Continue reading

2nd annual Hyena BBQ

It’s been a year since the last Hyena BBQ, time flies right? Here we are again at Lake Temescal in Oakland.With the biggest thunder storm  this year(probably only one too)  out of the way, it was meant for us to shine. Saturday was clearer than the faces of those Proactive models on t.v. Young Must … Continue reading

Fat Boy Pancake snackers.

Today  I sat in the front row of my history class at Chabot college bored and sleepy. Dazing in and out, I felt like I was hallucinating. I was staring at the proffesor  who was wearing a guitar shaped tie like a clown and then staring at the students. It felt hella weird and dream … Continue reading

Hood Breakfast

Hood Breakfast. What is it? IT’S HOOD BREAKFAST. Whole in the wall ass spot in the town. One of the Hyenas , Dartnell Pur-pel put us up on this G-thang. I asked him why it’s called Hood Breakfast and he replied “nigga cause it will hold you down all day in the hood, wake up … Continue reading

Cold Dog

As a kid I would have these weird food “inventions”. One of my most memorable ones was the Ice Cream Sandwich. It consisted of two slices of sandwich bread (or if I was feeling real fat I would make me double decker with three slices of bread) and that good Ice cream my parents would … Continue reading

Sumo Grub

My buddy Michael Steed shared a link on face book about “The battle of the taco trucks” a few weeks ago and naturally being the fat boys that we are we were pretty juiced about the event. So the day came, I was at Best’s house watching the undercard matches before Pacquiao and Mosley. Steed … Continue reading

The 1st annual Hyena bbq. April 9th 2011.

The Hyenas were born out of a soccer team in 2007 when a group of friends from similar backgrounds , different crews came together as one. Hyenas are friends, brothers, sisters, underdogs, ugly ducklings, survivors, Davids in a world of Goliaths. Hyenas are against all odds and not afraid of the challenges this world or … Continue reading

Chillin and Grillin

After all this talk about grillin animals and what not, we finally got to it and we made it happen at Jones’ place while we watched these good ol football games. I got there kinda late so I didn’t get to taste the shrimp with crawdaddy’s leftover sauce from the previous week which everyone seemed … Continue reading

Shrimps by the Lb.

You guys ever have those days when all your plans just go bad? of course you do, everyone does. The good thing about days like this is you can always go out and stuff your fat face .Well that’s exactly what we did. It was D-bo Jones, Frisco, Globe, Tone “Briskets” Barajas , Dartnell and … Continue reading

1Lb Burger/appetizer

One day of drinking at the Coke house surrounded by FATTT BOIIIIES!, we stumbled upon a food challenge conversation. “We should start doing hella food challenges bruh” said Globe, I mentioned the 1lb burger at Fuddrukers and Dartnell stepped up. Ive known Dartnell for years and ate with him in numerous places. Seen that kid … Continue reading