Toughmudder Norcal 2011

As a kid I would love to be climbing,  jumping, swimming and getting dirty. Well I still like doing all of those things actually so when I heard about the Toughmudder event last year I was hella down to go but it was last minute. This time I had plenty of time and and I had been running so the opportunity was perfect. Efrain asked me if I was down and I didn’t even have to think about it. He set up the hyena team which only consisted of 3 of us (maybe next time more hyenas can roll along).

Toughmudder is a 10+ mile military obstacle course. It is not about finishing with the best time, it’s about conquering the course and teamwork/camaraderie. We signed up to the Nor Cal Toughmudder in Squaw valley, here is part one of our day. stay tuned for more footage.

Part 2 of our Toughmudder adventure. Enjoy

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One Response to “Toughmudder Norcal 2011”
  1. Good thing my camera’s waterproof! LOL Lookslike you guys had a lot of fun 😉

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