Hyenas in Las Vegas 2011

This is my second trip to Vegas, can you believe it? 28 and my my first time I went I was 27. Better late than never I guess. So this time we headed there for a good old friend’s birthday. Two of us left on Thursday in a rental. My other friend was already there since he flew. b-day girl would meet us on Friday. Now I know, I know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. With that said, hope you enjoy these pics of a chill Vegas.

Took the MacBook Pro (with every song ever made)  to keep us entertained for the long drive.

In case of emergency pop open the baby thang.

We got to Vegas at about 11pm and went to meet up or boy who had the room ready at Ceaser’s Palace. Big name hotel, but we had to get switched rooms twice because one was filthy and the other one had a toilette that didn’t work too well(and I had to blow that thang up, I was scared to use it, not good). But fuck that shit fuck that shit, we hit the strip in search of some food and saw this guy getting ready to be famous.

Stopped at PBR Rockbar & Grill

YES, I eat my sandwiches with Ketchup.

Met these cool Canadian ladies who are now my friends on Facebook.

Saw this dude trying to fight this chick on our way to drink and gamble.

Fastforward to 5am. Caesar’s Palace hallway.

Next morning view from the room.

Diamond Lounge in the Palace, we spent a lot of time there during our visit, Forbidden Fruit, that fucker crept up on us real hard.

My patna old school so he fucked with a Martini.

And this is how we lived pretty much our whole trip, thanks to my boy and them who had the connect. YEEEE YEEEEE

On some Italian shit at 11am, fuck the world.

I mean, what else do we know?

had to hit the mall up and get some clothes.

Anyways, we back at the Diamond lounge, to the neck. YEEEE YEEEE

we told the bar tender like this, SURPRISE US BRUH!  so  she hooked it up with some “p2’s”

Waiting on the bday girl.

So the word must of got out that the Hyenas were out there and Ceaser and them came through to take pictures with us. YAAAAMSAYIN!

We asked valet for the keys to these bad boys and failed, but FUCK THAT SHIT FUCK THAT SHIT!

We met up with an internet friend of mine and went down town to this event/art show called First Friday, which goes on on first Friday of every month.

reminds me of the Art Murmur in Oakland

I want bout 2 or 3 of these thangs .

But fuck that shit fuck that shit. Headed back to the hotel cause we had to get ready for club Pure and this fool wanna sleep on the wall. Spider man looking ass.

No club pics cause I ain’t taking my camera to no club, fuck I look like? some kind of clown?
So in the morning we back at it, fat boy life style, might won’t make it. Kicked it at the Diamond lounge for a bit and warmed up for the buffet.

There was a line of about 20 people waiting to get in here, we walked right. BE MAD!

Normally I like my meat well done but since we fancy up over here I said “fuck it”. I’ll take hella mad cow disease on my plate. yeeee yeeeee


Later on we back to the strip, this is where the previous night I “learned” how to do the Shuffle dance with the help of alcohol and mexican Hipsters, which led to me Shuffling everywhere. “EVERY DAY I’M SHUFFLING, EVERYDAY I’M SHUFFLING”

I had to get me one of these g-thangs with a double shot.


Caught this silly little show outside Treasure Island

We hit Club Taos that night which was incredibly packed. I though we had wondered in to Circus Circusbecause there was nothing but clowns in there. But fuck that shit, fuck that shit, the next day we decided to go peep the Hoover Dam one time.
There were a few panels up with pictures and I’m assuming historical information about the Damn and the bridge which I probably should have read. Since I didn’t just enjoy the pics and google more info about the place. or not.

The bridge I took the previous Dam pic from.

This thing is scary. I wonder how deep it goes.

But fuck that shit, fuck that shit, Hella happy on the way to the pool just to find out that it was closed. clowns.

We later headed down to old Las Vegas which was poppin.

Filled mine up with Fosters.

The Lowrider super show was this same weekend so there were Lowrider heads everywhere.

Met these lovely ladies who put us up on some of that good Oxygen and massage. I decided to try it since Ive heard about these “oxygen bars” and plus one of the girls said she would massage me. Turned out the massage was one of those electric things the doctors give you that you stick anywhere on your body(ANYWHERE) and have electric currrents which massage your muscles and you can control the intensity with a small remote.

This dude Efrain damn near jizzed his jeans when she hit em with the scalp massager thang.

I tried it for a bit but noticed it started sobering me up, and that’s NOT the shit for me so I had to stop.

Don’t mind the hot dog on the back of my head.

I managed to sneak up on Joy and turn her massage settings up all the way. She started doing the Macarena , yeeeee yeeeee.

My camera died soon after. We proceeded to getting drunk, and singing all kinds of songs including old school nortena classics from Los Tigres del Norte.

The next morning we left Vegas and its sunny skies.

Got to oakland to this, silly mother nature.

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5 Responses to “Hyenas in Las Vegas 2011”
  1. Rushawn W. says:

    Thanks Heather, I’m to NY next weekend.

  2. LMFAO. Man Your post just gave me the Vegas Blues…Mike and I barely got back last week and Im still wishing I were there. Vegas is always guaranteed to have GOOD TIMEZ.

  3. gacksoe says:

    Great flix bro. had a blast. Next year we do it all over again. Yeeee… Yeeeee…

  4. Rushawn W. says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it and yes , I always wanted to go to Canada. That would be awesome.

  5. Danika Bass says:

    Cool pics very entertaining, doing mine right now! hey you guys will have to come to MTL next summer and we will have a blast specially during the Jazz fest Hehe Glad to see you had fun guys Danika xoxo (EH)

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