R.I.P. Al Davis. Raiders vs. Browns

Rest in peace Al Davis.

A week after Al Davis passed the Oakland Raiders take on the Cleveland Browns on our 3rd sold out game in a row(something that has not happened in a long time). This morning I woke up drunk with half a Modelo Especial next to my computer and Young Must calling my phone. Told the kid give me 20 minutes, got up, pressed play on my computer which had a window to youtube ready with a song by El Halcon de la Sierra, updated my status on facebook(I stay logged on, UMAD?), took a sip out the Modelo and let out a “YEEEEEEEE” for the Hyenas and them.
Young Must and I got dropped off at the Bart by Marqueese early in the morning. Young Briskets was already in the parking lot holding the tailgate down and waiting on us.

Sweet ass grill

Made it to the spot with Briskets and them.

Young Tone aka BRISKETS!. need a paint job? call him up.

Met the homie Pepe from San Jose. Cool people, showed us hella love.

My signature shot.

Someone pulled up in the all black thang though.

Had the thang ready in case the shit popped off.


Ran into one of my Hyenas while we walked to get some of them good ol shirts from the local Hustlers.

Little football shit talking.

Paying homage to a thug ass / innovator figure in the NFL with the first hispanic head coach Tom Flores , first black head coach in the sports modern era with Art Shell and the first woman in NFL as ceo position Amy Trask. Hate him or love him, he did things how he wanted and dedicated his life to football and the Raiders. LOYALTY!

Finally made it to Hegenberger after walking hella long, Damn near feeling like mr. Frodo and them. Flipped me this g-thang for a quick $10

Now to walk back, fucking taggers.


Police wishing somebody would.


I don’t know what this guy was up to but whatever.

Pepe and his family before they walked in the stadium.

The kid Must was serving people left and right on the beer bong. I don’t know what got in to that kid.

Met these fans who are responsible for ebaumsworld.com


This is why I love Raider tailgates. It’s like Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, Bars, etc etc all in one. YEEEE YEEEEEE

The girls trying to get on Must’s level.

ok ok let’s get in the game/


Now normally, we would have to sneak our way down to these seats and the previous games I was smuggling people in through one of my connects straight up coyote style. Not today, we was legit, they can’t arrest us or bust us.
Who am I kidding, we still went where ever we felt like. YEEEEE YEEEEEEE.

Raiders were in control the whole game and at halftime they honored Raider legends and Al Davis.

Homie got caught slipping during his nap.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, John Madden came through and lit a torch for big Al. He’s up there somewhere, I promise.

Ok i’m gonna take a break from typing cause I hate it and I don’t want to get carpel tunnel.

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Raiders win and are at 4-2. Super bowl bound, go to espn for highlights and scores and whatever else. I was drunk and don’t remember too much. Thanks for visiting. YEEEEE YEEEEEE

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