Hood Breakfast

Hood Breakfast.
What is it?
Whole in the wall ass spot in the town. One of the Hyenas , Dartnell Pur-pel put us up on this G-thang. I asked him why it’s called Hood Breakfast and he replied “nigga cause it will hold you down all day in the hood, wake up early in the morning, and get to grinding all day on the block” . And you know what, he’s not lying(even though I know he be taking his ass back to bed when he gets home). A plate of this will keep you up and going until bout 3 or 4 pm if you have it at about 7am (unless you’re some kind of freak of nature).

So here it is, I’m going to shine a little light on this local food joint in East Oakland. We normally hit this spot up on Friday mornings with a few of the Hyenas to get the weekend started good.

Some years ago this intersection was one of the stops for the hyphy train at the sideshows, I almost got ran over by a late 70s Camaro while getting video footage down the street but that’s a whole other story.

Soon as we walk in it’s like you go from the hood, to a cabin, Al shows us love.

Cool guy, he always tries to be a funny guy.
He grabbed the local paper, gave us each a section. Gave Jones the coupon section, he must know something bout Jones.

We get our order taken by the good lady. Don’t know why, we always get the same thing, Al’s special. They call it that, we call it the Hood Breakfast.

Now let me show you round this thing while the breakfast get’s hooked up.

The Delinquents, youtube them.

Then this fool, getting into trouble with the law, you can give a ghetto nigga an NFL contract, but you cant take the ghetto out of a nigga.

Got me some nice coffee since it’s cold out here.

Then the real deal meal came by. Scrambled eggs, Mushrooms, Bell peppers, Tomatoes, Onion, slices of cheddar cheese, a burger patty or two, and if you want you can have them throw a hot link or Bacon on there. All of that over Hash browns or Rice.

Dartnell and them. YEEEEE YEEEEEE.

Saw that kid Dartnell eyeing my Jelly talking bout “you gone fuck that Jelly up kid or what?”. So I gave that fat kid my jelly, no homo though.

This all me. This is almost a food challenge,I feel like you have to finish the toast too, at least once to conquer the Hood breakfast. But tell that to Jones.

YAAAMSAYINNNN. Cleaned the plate out like a real faaaaaatttttt booiiiieeeee!

Al talking bout “make me look good”. I don’t know Al, the camera doesn’t lie.

So there you have it, a little bit of how we live. If you’re ever in the area and want some good food, hit up Al and them on Seminary for this Hyena approved meal. Tell em you saw him on the internet too, I told him I would put him up.

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4 Responses to “Hood Breakfast”
  1. i call it 5 min breakfast, they cook it up fast – Vic Gates 30 boy

  2. Lmao. I never leave home without it!!

  3. Rushawn W. says:

    Bring your shank just in case the shit pop off

  4. If i eat here, is it safe?? ahaha…Looks hella good!!

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