San Francisco Santacon 2011

Years ago I saw pictures on the internet  of hella people skiing and snowboarding while dressed as Santa Claus and thought it was awesome. Last year a coworker told me about this thing called Santacon/Santarchy. Started in the early 90s in San Francisco where hella people dress up as Santa or something Santa/Christmas related and go bar hoping and just hang out on the street. She let me know it was in San Francisco and I got pretty juiced about it, until she told me it went down the weekend before. That was then, this is now. I hit a few of my Hyenas up, we always be with the shit, ready to have some fun, plus I need to surround myself with more white people, they know how to have fun without using guns, knives and all that nonsense.  So we hit this Walgreens up and got us some good ol Santa suits ready and on Saturday we headed to Jack London square to catch the ferry to Frisco, this was a Santa meet up spot.

We hurried up and got us some seats on top

Met some cool people on the way, put them up on the Hyenas and the Thrillside.

I love to see them so happy, Rudolph and Mrs. Santa in her velure  dress.

We got to Frisco and got the walking to Union square where the main party was going on. Occupy North Pole.

Walked and walked, and walked.

and stopped baby from crying. Because that’s what Santa does.

and walked and walked to our first destination

Main Santacon party kickoff.

Kept it moving,

Where do you go pee if you don’t want anyone to see you, or how big you’re not?…. under a camera of course.


Isn’t she adorable?

Drunk life.

Butt life.

Then we decided to take it back to 2010 and got us some of them Four Lokos. We were just missing Dartnell and Denise.

After the Lokos were popped open we got to a sideshow. Well, a rated G kind of sideshow, we blocked the street for a bit. Reminded me of Oakland, minus the colored people, and scrapers, and fights, and donuts, and inhaling burned tire smoke, and cops. I only saw one cop, and he was a Santa also.

Jesus and them.

Let me tell you guys something.

The word Swag, I first heard one of them Dipset guys use it a few years ago. Now it’s all over,  and it annoys me, but I decided to make it the word of the day. We must of said it a million times at least. Now that’s Swag.

See how Adajah wears glasses with out the lenses?  swag.

Turning Adajah into Swagdajah, SWAG.

See how this Santa got the long hat? SWAG

Now look at this, perfect teeth, clear skin, natural blonde hair , nice eyebrows, little or no makeup, cool shades. SWAG.

So we got to this park, were some kind of nude record was supposed to be set.

See how I wear my Santa hat? SWAG.

Wine bottle? SWAG

Saw the Santa pyramid and decided to get in on the fun. Swag.

Swagging all day, swagging all day.

Bottle popping at the park. “No homo”, I’m sure is what Raider Santa said after he opened wide for the wine. Besides that, SWAG.

Pinata. Word on the street is it was filled with snow. Snow from Colombia, not the North Pole. SWAG.

Swagdajah shutting the twister game down.

I yelled out “left hand on Candy Apple Purple” on this one. Fucked their minds up. SWAG.

My raindeer and some teenage boy, or Justin Bieber….. I think it was Justin Bieber.

With some random Santa clown.

As we were promoting the blog and the Hyenas, Swagdajah used the Swag and turned our stickers into booty stickers. Swag.

Ladies love the booty stickers. Gives their booty some of that good ol, what do you call it? that thing? oh yeah,…… SWAG.

Of course the ta tas get a little love too. Just a little.

Cause ass is where it’s at.

Naked Santas. The beautiful one with the glasses , pretty smile, small face, Roundest booty, slim waist , small nipples, healthy hair having ass. She didnt let me put the sticker on her booty. If I could only find a flaw on her besides her bush looking like she had Kramer from Seinfield between her legs, I would roast her. And her friend is looking like she’s getting punched by Floyd “Money” Maywether. cool chicks though.

She was a little drunk.

Look at how I wear my hat…… Look at it……….. SWAG. Now look at those clowns on the far right standing out with no Santa gear. NO SWAG.


These two are fresh from Spain. Have you heard their accent?. SWAG.

We just love to make girls happy. Lady in the right doing the “Jonese face” , Hyenas know.

This guy here acting drunk.

Anyways, we got in a cab and headed back to the Eastbay cause we had shit to do, but that wasn’t as easy as it sounds cause there’s Santa Clauses walking all over the place. IDIOTS.

Me and another Santa headed deep in the Eastbay to a bar where we were the only Santas and posted up for a few hours.

Headed back to Deep East Oakland.

Yes, you guessed it. ….SWAG.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Really though, fuck the word “swag”. SWAG

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