Fat Boy Pancake snackers.

Today  I sat in the front row of my history class at Chabot college bored and sleepy. Dazing in and out, I felt like I was hallucinating. I was staring at the proffesor  who was wearing a guitar shaped tie like a clown and then staring at the students. It felt hella weird and dream like. Halfway through the class while talking about the French revolution and how it affected other European nations in the 1700s the professor somehow started talking about the movie “To kill a mocking bird” and how this one scene in particular always makes him cry. He then turned red, eyes got watery and he unsuccsefully fought back tears as he talked about the scene.

I don’t remember what scene it was because I apparently was on some kinda bad drug trip and my eyes were wondering around looking for that pretty chick wearing the spandex/legging things they wear. He then talked about how he just finalized his divorce a month ago and how he has been separated for 7 months from his wife of 40+ years who tried to control his life during and after his divorce. Apparently she was a total bitch, complained about everything and anything. He mentioned how they had a cabin in Tahoe and a pool. When he asked her for the divorce she said “well you’re letting a great deal go”, everyone laughed. I laughed too as I looked at the clock and noticed he had been venting for like 15 minutes. I didn’t mind it one bit. After all , it IS history class.

On some real Fat Boy shit though,

It’s national Pancake day on Tuesday February 28th according to someone on Yahoo.

Fuck deep frying shit, my sis is changing the game with this shit.

She mentioned Oreo Cookie pancakes but I felt we needed more so I got these from the liquor store.

And let’s go.

I got that good Walmart milk. They got everything you need. As soon as they start selling weed and that nose powder IT’S A WRAP  FOR ALL THEM HOOD NIGGAS!. They taking em out the game.


Got this bootleg ass syrup. Tastes good though.

Fat boy and fat girl lifestyles. We might won’t make it.

I ate about 5 of them G- Thangs and downed that nice cold milk before I felt them clogging up my arteries and called it quits.

Fat life 2012.

2nd annual Hyena BBQ coming early April. Stay tuned.

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