East Bay bike party. Hayward CA.

So there’s this thing called “East Bay bike party” where a huge group of people get together and ride around a designated route in a designated city. This one was themed Waldo. I heard about it on fb a night before it happened. I got on the phone , called a few of the Hyenas up but the only one with the shit was my Hyena Best from NSC. It worked out perfect anyways since we ended up taking my tandem bike which happened to be Red and White (I knew I was going to use it one day). My brother and nephew dropped us off at the Hayward BART station where the ride was going to start and make its way to Area Cycles in Castro Valley on a 15 mile ride.

Soon as we got there my 4 year old nephew was ready to roll. Poor guy was in for a big disapointment.

I would love to ride with you little guy but its your night night time and you’re what? 4 years old? and want to be out with the big kids? sorry buddy.

All kinds of bikes and people were there. It was a cool experience.

This guy had a charcoal grill on the back of his bike and had about two birds on it. He had the whole ride smelling like a tailgate at the Coliseum.

The ride started and Best and I were juiced. We were riding behind the guy that had the music.

This was pretty much a hyphy train for bicycles. And rollerblades.

Shit was going real nice and smooth until the bike broke down about 3 miles in. I knew all that rattling shit I kept hearing was not good. People were nice enough to stop and help us out though.

But it was hopeless. The gears got jammed and that was the end of our ride. We called my brother to swoop us up as we walked and waited on him.

Just in case we ran into someone with loose screws.

My brother swooped us up and we headed to the Bike Party final stop at Area Cycle in Castro Valley.

Soon as we got there we headed for the Pizza some some real ass fat boys. Some of the people in the Bike Party were getting there at the same time.

Posted in front of the shop .

Parked the bike and passed out Hyena stickers.

Shit was cool, they  had pixie races.

They had Jousting too.

Hella other shit went down but my camera died so watch the video and Follow me on Twitter @rushawwuan or die.

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