Oakland graffiti

I haven’t done graffiti in years.

But I still have a special place for it in my heart, I drive around my city every day and notice how much the graffiti scene has changed. I like it. During my era , late 90s and early 2000s, we were focused more on the fat caps and nice tags with the fades. We did some hollows here and there and messed with a few fill ins. Ceaver putting in work, that nigga still around. Cost 640 had like a billion marker tags. I like how Ceaver still has that old flavor too. The Deep East wasn’t bombed like it is now, fill ins everywhere. I like how it’s Oaklanders painting Oakland, Deep East Oakland.

I decided to drive around with my camera and flick shit as I reminisce.


The 100s, I used to ride my bike through here all the time. Dude at the shop didn’t let me paint a legal on his wall. Take that Habib.

The tunnel, One night when there was a flood, this tunnel was closed by the city. My FBK and 100s patnas where in there with me, we were tagging it up. We hear a car at the other end run over the barricade the city put up, We all thought, “OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK” , I ran out, my boys got against the wall, while we heard this car speed towards us. A fucking Mustang 5.0, not police. We got back in and finished.

We rode our bikes through here a few times and let me say this. This is not where you want your chain popping out. Just my luck.

And the sound of the explosion of M-1000s traveling from one end to the other. Awesome.

Fandango Latino, I remember finding a nice chrome shank in the bushes. I remember going in there with my brother and them, baggy as fuck.

We would post up here with my buddy Kita-79 while she slanged Watermelons, Cherries or Oranges.


I remember having a bunch of hollows on here,(well like 7) Now I see this shit, fuck it’s crushed.

Two young mosnters in the scene. Wire set the bar up for the local kids. These niggas everywhere , like the Paleteros.

I used to work at a cell phone/pager store across from here. One time I decided to push the pepper spray in the store. Not a good idea.


These dudes beasted out.


I like this, this one of the few I got off the car for.

Tacos El Gordo, the good late night eat spot.

And then when I need that good $20 , 1 hr massage I go across from here. Bring me back. Guero been putting in work.

At any given time you can spot at least 4 ladies of the night at this intersection.

I got caught stealing at the store across the street when I was like 8.

Across from Castlemont High school, where racial riots where a tradition.

Over Cope 2

R.i.p Lil Chino who died on this intersection.

West Oakland


2002 we were here sideshowing it up for the Raiders win to the Super Bowl. More recently, that 3 year old Carlitos was shot to death here.

Then I handed my patna the Canon and told them to shoot these kids.

880 Northbound

Spinner hub caps

I’ll stop there. There’s hella shots I didn’t get, let’s just say……. to be continued.

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