I don’t know what or how Mexicans  got the idea for these things.

I don’t know how many people get ideas about plenty other things for that matter but, a lot of these weird things catch my attention. If they involve some kind of food, then I’m on it. Except spiders. Fuck spiders. I’m not eating spiders.

Back to Pajaretes though. They are an alcoholic drink. The ingredients are powder chocolate, alcohol, not the alcohol that is ment to drink. I’m talking alcohol alcohol, made from SUgar Cane and I think it’s like 80 proof. The kind used for medicinal purposes in mexico, And  cow milk. Not Berkeley cow milk either. I’m talking about cow milk freshly squeezed from a cow’s tit. A cow in a ranch somewhere that the FDA knows nothing about.

So the way it works is like this.

Since we don’t own a ranch or cows (yet) we provide the chocolate milk and alcohol.

I met up with my patna Frisco, Pollo and Avatar who’s Frisco’s little brother we call Avatar at like 8am. They had the ingredients ready.

Frisco was sitting shotgun. Thinking he was some kind of chemist or something. Mixing the Sugar and the Chocolate.

My patna Pollo had his parent’s cd collection in the cuts.

Drove by a whole lot of this.

It’s not a Mexican place if the virgencita is not there.

Soon as we got to the ranch these clowns told me to keep the Canon in the truck because “dude’s gonna think you’re with the FBI nigga and he’s gona kick us out, these Paisa be hella nervous nigga”

So I got this highly advanced Android phone out my pocket. This is Frisco getting his Pajarete. This nigga straight cut in front of a 7 year old who was trying to get his chocolate milk on. #alcocholic

Look nice don’t it. Nice and warm like when you pee in a cup for a drug tests or what not.

I ain’t gona lie, when I was getting my Pajarete the cow started to pee a little. BUT. When Pollo got his, that cow let loose piss was splashing everywhere, earning Pollo the “Golden shower pajarete”. Look at the floor by the cow’s legs. That aint milk kids. Fuck it YOLO!

Shit was strong as fuck thanks to Frisco pouring hella alcohol in our cups. That dude doesn’t know when to act right. You can never have a serious conversation with this dude. It always ends up with him disrespecting someone.From kids to seniors to mothers, fathers, countries , religions and generations. He once body slammed a baby Jesus doll(but lets leave that story for another time).

Avatar and I were buzzed reall quick. The taste was overwhelming with alcohol. Just imagine your chocolate milk spiked with some strong ass Tequila.

Frisco went for seconds. #fatboy

Time to pay up. Each cup costs you $5.

Why Pollo looking at Frisco like he’s going to get an allowance though?

We paid a man dressed in cowboy attire. While paying him we also payed for some fresh cheese. Queso Fresco. A boy about 9 years old also in his cowboy attire ran to bring the cheese to us.

I poured some of this for the dead homies. It was too much for my first time trying it. I should have know better than to let Frisco prepare it for me though, That’s my fault.

Avatar was buzzin and worried about getting to work.

Avatar went to work and we went to get our breakfast. Micheladas!

Sea food.

Pollo got himself a nice lil Molcajete.

Globe showed up and got a Torta ahogada.

I got a plate of Green Peppers stuffer with Shrimp.

We talked about old times and agreed to hit the Pajaretes every Saturday morning.

Feels great to be drunk and full with yummy food in the morning.

Get drunk motherfuckers.

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5 Responses to “Pajaretes”
  1. 89highway says:

    Where the farm at? I want pajaretes so bad. Please let me know! Thank

  2. luluxiomara says:

    HAHA,….That shit was funny Dude! I learned alot. I’ve never heard of this,…It must be a Jalisence thang. My family is form Sinaloa,…although they probably do it too.

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