Bay to Breakers 2012

Oh how time flies. Seems like just a few months ago I was out here with White Boy Freddie and them harassing girls. Here we are a year later, this time we cholo’d out.  We met up at BART ,La Green eyes,  La Shorty , El Rush loc, Lil D, Sad girl, Shy Girl. Thrill Side Locotes.

They both did a combined time of 3 and a half hours in Santa Rita.

La Silly, R.I.P. the homie Dart.

I spent 2 nights in jail and bacame a tattoo artist.

We walked the streets of Frisco, bien tumbados.

Hit the liquor store right away.

J-Meast calls it the Slave Drink

Poured some for the homie Dart, gone but not forgotten.

Love is a dog from Hell. La silly and her issues.

We got there kinda late, the clean up crew was getting busy.

We walked and made our way to the crowd.

Posted up at this corner with the homie Miclo.

We had to run up on this chavala and check him. Showed him we don’t play.

Ran into the homie Sleepy.

Raider nation from Texas.

We love boobies. Cholos against Cancer.

check out my creases.

Stopped at Popeye’s

Noone sag harder than me.

Nothing like pan dulce but hey.

Washed that down with this.


depends on who you ask I guess.

Texting her vato back in Quinton.

You guys ever heard the story of how the cholos came over in their Lowriders and killed the Indians?

Gotta stay fit and ready just in case the shit pop off.

Saw the police and they rolled right past us.

Cholos don’t move for the police.

Look at this vato.

How did he go from being woken up by a hottie?

To having his friend save his face from being blown off by the shottie?

One of these day one of these chicks is coming home with us.

El Potato with Dhalsim.

Ass lovers.

Tittie lovers.


La Shy girl aint too shy, trying to sag.

But like I said before, no one sags harder than me. And watch you eh, we don’t play that shit eh.

Sneak peak at the cast of The Avengers 2.

We didn’t see any rival gangs, or they hid from us. VATOS LOCOS!

On our way back we made another food stop at Whole Foods. Ate next to these vatos.

Organic Ice Cream for dessert.

We got back home and took one last cholo post. Viva la raza.

Thanks for reading and remember, La Thrill Side controlamos todo ese.

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One Response to “Bay to Breakers 2012”
  1. tipsymix says:

    thrillside does it again!!!!!!

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