Oakland Graffiti. More!

Hanging with the youngsters the other day and they were talking to me about Ceiver a little bit. They was like, that nigga Ceiver got a story for every street, in every city”. That nigga be like “oh on this street back in the days so and so happened, and oh on this street so and so happened”. I laughed, cause I can relate to him. I love reminiscing bout my youth. The youngsters will do the same later. Just wait and see. Now my stories might not as interesting as Big Ciever’s but I try.

Ceiver, this dude been doing his thing in the town for hella long, I started writing in around 97 and he was already an established writer. I admire and give him props for sticking to his style and pushing 640 faithfully. Every few years I’ve seen a rejuvenated 640, like it’s born again. Props.

This dude Gaks, in the current scene with about 80% percent bubbly fills, he comes through different. I like that.

Now this dude, what is he a T-rex? why them little ass throwies? I remember my patna Chino back in the days. Chino did some little ass throw ups like these. I clowned that boy, Chino with the T-rex arms. BWAHAHA.

I hit the Coliseum yard for a bit. Nothing really exciting. I remember years ago someone got robbed here in and surveillance cameras caught it on tape. They played it on the local news, while the guy got robbed for his bike and camera there was one of my pieces in the background. At least that’s what a few people who saw it told me. I never saw the footage.

When I was like 15 I heard stories about how some big ass Polynesian dudes that worked inside these buildings would chase writers out of the yards. One time I was there with two of my lil patnas, they must of been like 12 or 13 and I was like 15-16. We were there with a gallon of yellow paint and a few scrap cans. I was doing one of my first attempts at a piece. I was half way through when out of nowhere come these 2 big ass polynesian dudes running towards us. We got the fuck out of there so fast because they didn’t look like they wanted us to sign their black books or anything along those lines haha. We came back some minutes later and they had splashed what was left of that gallon of yellow paint over hella pieces. Except mine. I threw the outline on it and we left. Wish I would have had a camera back then.

I really enjoyed reading the tags on the tracks.

The kid Wire and themmmm.

One morning on my way to get that good Hood Breakfast with the Hyenas I spotted this.

I remember been here quite a few times. It was easy. We were there like 6 deep once, before going to a party. I remember taking my new shirt off so I wouldn’t get paint on it. It was chill, we could damn near have taken a grill out there and had BBQ.

Dome is one of those few heads with a very distinctive throw. I like it.

Back in highschool we’d go get burritos next door to this spot. One day I couldn’t finish my steak burrito and decided to throw that g-thang up in the air. Before I did it, I told my boys to watch out. One of them was like “nigga that shit better not hit me”. It hit him. Landed on his shoulder. I laughed so hard that day. He tried to punk me, I didn’t take him serious but I had to finally raise my voice and he backed off. We share that story damn near every time we hang out together.

This store is where I used to go and get my 10 cent bags of sun flower seeds back in like the 3rd or 4th grade and be late for class.

Oh 105th. So many memories. Before the Hyphy movement went mainstream, before everybody was hanging out their car windows or ghostriding their cars. My patna Larry had borrowed his dads freshly painted and restored 50s Cadillac. It was Larry, my bro and I think my patna Indio and myself. We where at the light to turn left on to E.14th, now know as International. We decided to all ghostride the car. When the light turned green we all got out of the car. Larry was driving from the outside and we were just parading through that intersection. The funny part was when I saw my mom and them at the red light. We made eye contact, my sisters mouth was wide open as she pointed at us. Mom had a blank stare on her face. I think I waved at them.

I like this one a lot. I like to think that they did it as a crew and someone did the outline while the fill was done by more than one person. Props either way.

I remember being in the car with 2 of my patnas driving through here. With a fire extinguisher. We had a long ass cloud of smoke trailing behind the car, looking like the Blue Angels but on San Leandro blvd. It was hillarious, now if you know me you know I laugh real easy. Then we pulled up to some people on the corner and sprayed the extinguisher some more. FUCKING HILLARIOUS.

TDK crew showing that green and yellow spirit.

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