Raiders vs. Jaguars 2012

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I’m an Oakland fan. I want my city to shine. Being a Raider fan is hard though, It’s like going fishing all the time and never catching any fish. Like having a fish bite on your bait, fighting it for a while, reeling it in and just when you almost have it, he breaks free. That’s how it is here, a bunch of wins we had on our line, ready to be enjoyed and celebrated, and just like that, GONE! But like fishing, you head out there with your buddies (my case my buddies are my hyenas and them) you cook some good food, drink up some alcohol, chop it up with your people about old times or whatever and just plain out relaxing and having fun. This Sunday we went fishing for Jaguars.

We carpooled with Dbo Jones and them in the scraper down pot hole filled San Leandro blvd and to the Coliseum.

Young must out here trying to goon out. Looking like a pirate missing his eye patch.

My dude out here looking like he got a crow sitting on his head. Mullet Swag.

I love walking to our tailgate and seeing all the Raider grills.

This tailgate was organized by my patna Smiley and them 101st boy, known that dude since elementary. We were bout 200 plus, 2 taco carts going at once, Mild, medium and hot salsa to pick from as well as beer , vodka, Tequila and hella other shit, the biggest one I have been to so far.

Smiley.(years back we were riding around spraying people with about 4 Super Soakers xp in his Regal, police pulled us over, took the guns and got pissed off and threatened to arrest him if he didn’t stop smiling cause “shit wasn’t funny”) dude lives up to his name I guess.

The big homie Tiny is someone who does not live up to his name. Look at how small he makes that bullhorn speaker look.

He had people drinking out of the beer bong. I think through intimidation.

Random people too. If you glanced at the bong you had to drink.

Niggas getting R-kellied by the bong.

My Hyena patna Potato and his cousin.

Plenty of Tacos were had.

Also medical Marijuana.

The reason why some people don’t even make it to the game.

That nigga Tiny still out there doing his thing.

Shit was cool man. Posted up, chillin.

My patna Leo and Buyo. Been known Leon for a cool minute.

                                                                                                                         Jones and Sway

Time to go and Potato handing out to go beer.

I  let people borrow my camera and I get this. Proper butt.

Meanwhile on our way to our seats.

And I always run into my people.

You guys remember them to go beers? Oh yup, we got metal detectors now so we don’t get patted down. Fuck that $9 beer they got inside.

And then, meanwhile in the mens’ rest room.

One dude disappeared and this guy is left there looking just like a fiend, it wasn’t even close to Halloween. Mind playing tricks on him.

Back at the seats.

We decided to go and stretch our legs out for a bit.

Showed the women some love.

Then the fun police shows up.

My boy out here looking like The Joker, I picture him asking police, “why so serious”?

And my patna out here cheesing. His girl next to him lookin hella proud too.

Fuck that noise, we went back to our seats. Better seats, where we belong. Fuck Cancer too.

On this fishing trip, we started off bad, got a few nibbles on the line here and there but we hung in there. I felt like packing up my gear and calling it a day. We hung in there though, at the end of the day, the Jaguars took the bait and we reeled their asses in.We sat here and watched the Raiders get their second win of the season putting them at 2-4.

On our way out we copped some of these. Bacon wrapped Hot Dogs. Fatboy life style.

Got to the scraper and smashed out. Fuck traffic. Waiting in traffic is for suckas!

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more posts from my Hyenas and I.

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