In to the wild.

I got my first 100+ likes on Instagram the other day,  a picture of some tacos and on a blurry ass picture of the Beast Oakland sticker at the Warriors game, the thing is I’m on my way to being an internet celebrity. Also, one of my hyenas’ birthday was this weekend and to celebrate, we left the blue and red Oakland police lights for the the bright stars in the mountains. The sounds of Harley Davidsons and guns for the sounds of snow mobiles and more guns, and rivers, and silence in the small undisclosed town in the mountains.

Right before we got to our destination, we stopped here and looked down into town. Birthday dude, happy fuck.

                                                                                                       We got to our destination.  These guys like Jeeps.

The Red Dragon

My boy Oscar got his friends up here with him,  Joey, Kirby and Adrian. Joey and them brought their mom there to live with them later and she be cooking that good Mexican food.

With the good hand made tortillas thicker than the butts I love so much.

Oscar pulled his piggy bank out.

These guys got all kind of toys out there.

Birthday Hyena.



Got the day started after breakfast and headed to the snow filled slopes.

This is Oscar “full throttle” Martinez

this is powder face.

This is Kirby, He always made sure we had our beers. He’s a good kid that kid.

Everyone’s heard of that saying, “don’t bring sand to the beach”, but no one’s heard of “don’t bring snow to the slopes”.

Chester’s > KFC

This snow mobile was the shit. Ozzie said it best, “she’s not pretty, but she’s fun”. Kinda like some women, and hey, we all like to have a good time.


Patiently waiting.

She’s not pretty, but she’s fun. LOL

That Thrill Side Gear. Beast Oakland.

We had thousands of acres to ourselves.

Oscar and our ski lift.

Half and half. It was awesome to be staying on dry land and being able to drive a few miles to the snow.

That good food again. Nothing beats a moms meal.

And eating in front of a t.v.

Pablo. Oscar’s brother. cool guy, shown here holding a homemade “gig”, a spear like thing used to catch Salmon.

We went to the river and waited for Salmon to swim up stream. It was the season when they go and lay eggs. No luck.

Next morning, Tamales for breakfast. Now if you’re Mexican you know this, when your mom makes tamales, there’s tamales ready and on demand in the freezer for weeks. And who doesn’t love tamales? seconds please.

Joey trying to get Red Dragon fixed.

Oscar drove us up to a mountain so we could shoot guns.

Toy guns.

Then we changed the forecast , drove to the snow again.

TSG everywhere I go, I’m such an artist, even with my eleventh finger.

That’s Green Dragon pulling the trailer.

I’ve been wanting to do extreme BBQS, Barbeques in uncommon places. Why? cause I love bbqs and I love to go out and about.


This was awesome. Standing on the edge of a mountain surrounded by good company, snow falling everywhere and the smell of carne asada, tortillas and hot links cooking up while you hold a nice cold beer in your hand. The life.

Kirby keeping us hydrated.

Alcohol+ drunks + cars+ = this.

Now this was a long night. Alcohol was consumed well into the early morning. Two more visitors came in from out of town, Oscar and them being the great hosts that they are decided it would be a great idea to take them off roading at 3am, drunker than Mexicans on Cinco de Mayo. Now we don’t have to be geniuses to know what could have went wrong do we?

It was a happy crowd of about 6. They left in 2 trucks, came back 10-15 minutes later in 1. My patna Oscar looked the worst, he looked like he had just came out of the octagon after fighting Cain Velazques. That happy crowd wasn’t so happy anymore.

Oscar “full throttle” Martinez after he got cleaned up. He had a talk with the grim reaper right fast. Good thing it wasn’t his time yet.

But anyways, check out this  breakfast we had in the morning.

Despite the small accident involving one of the craziest of my Hyenas, this was a great experience. Great company all around, great food, hospitality. I can’t wait to do it again.  Shout out to Oscar and Joey, Kirby, Adrian , their mom for the cooking, and all of them for having us and making us feel at home.

Also, never point your gun at someone, never put your finger on the trigger unless you are about to shoot (at a paper target) , always treat a gun as if it’s loaded, don’t drink and drive, look out for that Thrill Side gear, BEAST OAKLAND and follow me on Instagram @rushawn1

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