Toast, Joogs TWT 640

One thing that I hate is graffiti, it’s everywhere now days and it distracts me. It keeps my eyes off the road while I drive, putting my life along with others at risk. I lie, I love graffiti, the other day I ran into a writer who I see around Oakland very often. Chillin at a burger restaurant in my scraper I saw him walk up. His hoodie covering his face from the nice warm Bay Area sun. I threw an empty Hennessy bottle out the car and he jumped in the passenger seat.

TS: What’s up dude?, introduce yourself.

Toast: Toasta, Joogs , 640, TWT.

TS: You got a story behind your name?

Toast: I wanted a unique name. I kept hearing it in rap songs, I liked it, it stayed.

TS: What inspired you to write graffiti?

Toast: In middle school I’d see graff on my way to school. I’d go to the creek, I remember seeing Ceks and Rane, Bely and Rgue, Tie videos on youtube.

TS: What’s your favorite thing about graffiti?

Toast: Shit, being out like at 3am, no one out there, being with my patnas, going in people’s shit. In Oakland there’s hella trash, bums, it’s a rush, it’s like a jungle.

TS: What do you hate about graffiti?

Toast: gotta think about this one………. Heroes, people honking while you’re painting, they need to mind their business and just keep going. People that sidebust you with tags or weak shit, you know who you are.

TS: We used to call that burning the spot, making the spot hot.

TS: Who do you like painting with?

Toast: Wire, Grief,  Aigo. We always get into shit, it’s fun!

TS: What’s the biggest animal you think you can beat up?

Toast: hahaha what?

TS: yeah like a one on one, no weapons, a German shepard? A little Panda?

Toast: haha yeah a little Panda, I’d wrestle him down.

TS: Favorite paint?

Toast: Rusto Black and white, I like Chrome with a Black outline, Sunrise Yellow with a Rusto Blue outline

TS: Ass or titties?

Toast: ASS all day, can’t go wrong

TS: Care to share a funny or cool story?

Toast: just a few nights ago I was painting with my nigga Wire, Jays  and Cofer in Oakland. Cofer and Jays and me are painting across the street from Wire. I did a chrome fill in and ran across the street with Wire while it dried to do another. I started doing my fill and all of the sudden five o came by, I told Wire “fuck bruh five o” we turned around and started walking slowly, I put my cans down  and we walked, around the corner we started running. By this time Jays and cofer are running too, five o smashes down the street, they stopped and see us all running in different directions, he  stopped, looked both ways,  Jays running one way, Wire and me running the other way, then he made a turn towards us.

I was  like “Fuck”, started running harder, I hear the engine like “wammmmmmp” Wire and I stared at each other, we were stuck , Wire throws his paint in the air and he just takes off, I don’t know where the fuck he went…..

TS: He’s a sneaky little fucker  hu?

Toast: Yeah hell yeah hahaha

TS: haha

Toast: I take off running and five o put it in reverse, the engine’s like “waammmmmmp” I’m like “fuckk I’m caught”. I put my hands in the air cause the cops were right there in front of me already and they were like “WHERE THE FUCK YOU LIVE?”  “GET ON THE FLOOR!”

I’m like “#$%@%%*”, they we’re like “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE WE BEAT YOUR ASS!”

I get up, take off running back to the street where I was painting, police left , I think they were looking for Wire, I’m in an alley hiding, then my patnas Cofer and jays were coming back to where we did our fill ins, then all of a sudden I see two pimps running towards us like “bruh we need your phone”

TS: Were they dressed like pimps? Hahahah

Toast: Naw blood they was dressed like hood niggas, you know, fitted, Polo hats……

TS: ok cause I’m picturing a nigga in a green suit and a nigga in a red suit hahahahha

Toast: naw hahahah……. So they go up to us trying to use the phone, they like “ bruh we need to use your phone, police looking for us”. We like, “we in the same situation bruh”.

My patna Cofer lets him use the phone, by that time there’s hella five o roaming the area, since it’s a hot ass area  where prostitution takes place. Five O came back around and we took off running, we ended up hiding with the pimps in between some trucks.

So there we were , all huddled up with some pimps . We came out once police left, the pimps used the phone again, they were calling their hoes , they needed to get picked up.

TS: by any chance did they tell you their pimp names?

Toast: naw hahah……That happened, the pimps left, Wire called he wanted to get picked up. We finished our fill ins. We picked Wire up and we told him what happened, we were a little spooked that we almost got caught but we were rolling , hella laughing on the way home. Then on the way home, the pimps’ bitches were calling us asking for their pimps hahaha.

TS: Favorite surface to paint on?

Toast: Brick walls, trucks and random white vans.

TS: Your family know you do graff?

Toast: Yeah, my mom flicked some of my shit the other day, she showed it to me.

TS: Favorite ice cream?

Toast: Rocky Road is the truth and paletas de arros con leche.

TS: Any shout outs?

Toast: My nigga Grief, Wire, My cousin Sune, Aigo, Voila, About, Gaks, Ceaver, Rush TSG, Jays, Cofer, anyone I forgot, all my niggas crushing the street.


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