3rd annual Hyena BBQ

First off sorry for the delay on this post and the lack of updates on here period. This year’s been filled with all kinds of events, Beastoakland is popping and keeping me real busy.

R.i.p. The Hyena Noe Garcia a.k.a Snoe Woods! He was another victim of this senseless life style in Oakland. Also R.i.p. to the Hyena Chuch’s mom.

This BBQ , even though was not advertised as much as the previous two, was still a success. We got a different area in Lake Temescal park, more flat space of grass for some ball games.

Few of the first heads to show up.

Angie and Ceas’ kids

White boy Freddy and his family.

Their dog Charlie.

The homie Hugo and Laura came through with some smacking ass Mac and Cheese.

My sis @immigreat

Ceas and Serafin

Dartnell , Mary and Whanita.

My patna Potato.

Expo and Kirvin.Expos is the man to hook up the salsa or ceviche and Kirvin can cook some of the best food I’ve ever tasted.

These dudes practicing how to throw up gang signs

Nach, Rosko and them. Probably talking sports.

Charlie and Gizmo, probably talking about bitches.

Wassup wassup, it’s Lil Mikey!

Maria Maria, she reminds me of a West side story.

Lil Rosa, her twins and Fred!

“Wait wait, that’s how you got pregnant?”

I love it when a big group of people can have a great time together. Let’s keep it up.


The big homie Marqueese and Lety.


The Hyena D-bo Jones with his family.

My patna Indio like “look back at it, look back at it”. And my buddy Caitlin.

Some of the fellas callin their patties.

Family love.

“you guys can’t use these balls till you fight each other”

These guys took refuge uder a nice big tree. Good move.

Beer game!


The kid De-andre came through with the Oysters!

Hello ladies, make me a burger!

Lil Lexi left to fend for herself. Parents probably drinking somewhere in the shade. smh.

Dartnell came through and raised her up the grill. Fucking bully.

G practicing with D-bo’s baby. He getting ready for when his time comes to be a father, till then, the good thing is as soon as the babies start crying you can just hand them back to their parents.

The kid Reach and his family showed up.

Gaks and Cease.

G and Expo, we go way back.

Potato out here chillin, chopping it up while lil Lexi’s stomach rumbling and she’s over by the grill. Fuck it she gotta learn to take care of her self.

The ladies (and D-bo) chillin by the cake.

Mary hooked it up with this awesome cake. Thanks kid!

Vicha and Nissy!

We’re fat boys for life.

My cousin Expo, you will always catch him telling his war/love stories.

Peep the homie Wuero P on the left spittin game.

“let’s go take a walk by the water Amanda”

Lil Chabelita

The kid Dartnell be holding the grill down. Shout out to him.

Wuero’s like, “you coming or what?”

“man fuck this shit”


Everyone gathered round the grill, guarding their food.

Wassup wassup it’s lil Mikey! and the lovely Caitlin and Gaby. This guy is just a ladies man.

Young Must aka Carlos, aka Beard Gang and Vanessa,

The homie Burrito in the back bout to blind side Dartnell for that stake.


Lil Gigi on the left looking sad cause Indio was about to take the whole cake.

Wassup wassup it’s Lil Mikey! The wheelie man!

Castlemont kids.

The beautiful Mayra and Joy! And myself of course.

Wuero P

The classic, must have, group shot.

Dart with Ernm Laura and their kid.

Potato with my bro and I.

Jones looking like he’s up to something. gotta watch this guy.

Gigi getting some goodies from mom.

Gigi still out here all alone. Poor thing.

Meanwhile, Potato cooling with the fellas.

My asian buddies came through (the ladies, Gaks just looks asian)

Hello ladies

It was about that time to get that good volley ball game.

Check out Wuero’s game face.

Khambay addobted Lexi.

Silay and them.

Keith Jardine looking ass.


Dartnell aka the mexican Brad Pitt.

Puff puff pass! The nigh approached and little by little everyone started to make their way home.

We were some of the last to leave. Hung out and had a few more beers, sang a few songs way off key.

It got dark and we left soon after.

I’m going to go ahead and call the 3rd annual Hyena bbq a succese.

Thanks for reading. Appreciate what you have. Spend time with your loved ones.

And follow me on instagram, @beastoakland

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