Puerto Rico 2016

After 11+ hours rides on trains and planes, we got on a car and drove to a small port in Fajardo to hop on a boat for a hour and a half ride to Vieques island. Two words that I describe Vieques as when I talk about this trip are Third Worldish. Tons of abandoned … Continue reading

Beast Oakland Raiders @ Broncos

Grew up around these dudes, we’ve had mutual friends for over 15 years. They set up a Raiders  away game with destination to Denver. I was hesitant at first but then I convinced myself. Fuck it, why not? It was 17 of us total, 14 on the flight there and then met up 3 more … Continue reading

Oahu, HI 2014

I mast$%&$@#$ in the plane’s restroom on our flight back home from this trip. It just occurred to me  while peeing, (fuck it, why not right?)  It helped me sleep for about 30 minutes through the bit of turbulence and babies crying on board. I hit the big 31 this year and celebrated in Oahu. … Continue reading

West side road tripping!

It took Coach Manda and I over 30 hours to drive to Universal studios from Oakland California. Why? well we took a detour to the Four corners monument, aka the Four Corners, where Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona meet. Driving through Vegas, we had to stop for a drink and food. We had to. … Continue reading

Miami Florida, 2013

An Airplane crash landed today,7-06-2013 at SFO, It was coming from Seoul South Korea with over 300 passengers. Two of them died. I haven’t flown too many times, I hate flying. Going and coming to Miami I could not help to think about an air plane accident. I managed though, I kept thinking happy things. … Continue reading

In to the wild.

I got my first 100+ likes on Instagram the other day,  a picture of some tacos and on a blurry ass picture of the Beast Oakland sticker at the Warriors game, the thing is I’m on my way to being an internet celebrity. Also, one of my hyenas’ birthday was this weekend and to celebrate, … Continue reading

Southern California weekend

First off I apologize for taking so long to update. Your boy be out here drinking too much, selling shirts and what not. You ever feel like just going somewhere out of town for the weekend? For no reason? with no plans? My Hyenas and I sure do. This weekend we just decided to hit … Continue reading

New York city

If it’s one thing I’m scared of, its’ spiders, and heights (I know that’s actually two but, FUCK SPIDERS). so how do you think I felt with my Labtec headphones on and my Ipod playing hella shit like this: “Staring out the window of this plane, thinking if it crash I’ll never see your ass … Continue reading

Mook Life On The Thrill Side!

Whats up Hyenas? My name is HTO and as gay as it sounds, I’m one of Rushawn’s internet friends. There is no other way of putting it. I mean, I feel like I know the dude pretty well thanks to the internet even though  he lives on the west coast of the United States and … Continue reading

Snowmobiling in South Lake Tahoe.

Every year for my birthday I normally hit a bar(as well as everybody and they momma right?). This year though, we had to do it a little different and the Hyenas and me hit Zephyr cove in South Lake Tahoe for a little fun. Zephyr Cove resort, it’s like our home away from home now. … Continue reading

Hyenas in Las Vegas 2011

This is my second trip to Vegas, can you believe it? 28 and my my first time I went I was 27. Better late than never I guess. So this time we headed there for a good old friend’s birthday. Two of us left on Thursday in a rental. My other friend was already there … Continue reading

East Bay by way of Tejas

Que onda, raza?! My name is Marco, and although I’m not from Cali, I’ve been invited to contribute to this blog. So what do I have to offer? Photography mostly. Anything from graffiti, to girls, tacos, travel, music, cars and family… you name it, I’ve shot it. Here are a few examples: That’s it for … Continue reading

Lake Tahoe 2011

Every year for the past 6 or so years I make my way to the Lake Tahoe area for some good ol snow boarding. This yr was no different. I headed out there with Geraud, Dartnell and Briskets didn’t end up going for whatever reason, CLOWNS!. We  met up with my boy Malik from the … Continue reading