BYOBW 2011

Now those that know me know that I’m a grown ass kid and so are a lot of my friends so its only natural that when Indio told me about the “Bring your own big wheel” (BYOBW) event I knew I had to go. The name says it all, Bring your OWN big wheel and it’s been happening every Easter for the past 10 years now. I didn’t have a big wheel and couldn’t find one at the flea markets but I do have nephews and they happened to have left their ride slippin in the yard so I had to hit em with a” CAAAAAAME UUUUUPPPP!”. Indio didn’t have any luck with a big wheel either but lucky for him I happened to find a lawn mower in the back of someone’s truck the night before. We jumped in the scraper and made our way to San Francisco, I call it Frisco.

So there I was, standing on the top of the hill, thinking that if I crashed I might not see you guys again.

Rolled up in the spot in something European on their ass.

We signed our lives away.

My patna Nana and a bunch of guys that were admiring the ride.

She said they let her have it but I don’t believe her, I think that was a stole o.

The lawn mower (R.I.P.)

Headed to the starting line, Nana helped me out and took over the camera while I raced.

No matter where I go I see nothing but clowns, I guess life’s a circus.

My dude Elmo straight macking out there.

Michael jackson was even out there.

My race was the shit, I was drifting, pushing, bullying all those little big wheels. I almost Paralyzed a man on one of the curves too, good thing I changed my mind and just clipped him a little bit. On the way up this guy threw a cervesa at me.

Nothing a little duct tape, staples and an avocado won’t fix.

I threw the keys to Nana and took over the camera.


Nana and Indio in the back ready for another run.

I ran down hill to try and get some footage. Saw these guys doing the run of the bulls or whatever its called that those Spaniards do.

Nana was nowhere in sight and to top it off these guys pulled the heat out.

They were trying to hit this guy for texting and driving.

Oh there he is, hitting that corner at half a mile an hour, I think the engine cut off and this guy was trying to push start him.

DAMNNNN FAAAAATT BOIIIEEEEE, you turned my Beemer into a lowrider ese!

Clowns I’m telling you. CLOWNS!

Nothing better than a good ol Easter day on a big wheel with your father.

Posted downhill and watched more big ass kids race down.

You guys member that joke when you were kids? “the other day I saw you moving the trash can down the street and I asked what you were doing and you said “moving” ” well, this is all I could think about.

Decided to go back up hill but this time up the racetrack because the designated route was too crowded, couldn’t help but reminisce about Bay to brakers.

Drinking and driving ass nigga.

Oh snap!

“go go Gadget ass nigga”

“Brought his racing gear, taking it hella serious, really thinking he’s gonna win ass nigga”

“Clint Eastwood , yeeehaw screaming wild wild west ass nigga”.

“The little engine that could ass nigga”

“c3po ass chick”

I’m not gonna lie, I want one of those Big wheels.

I made it back up hill , managed to get another ride out of that European whip and this is what the little guy looked like. Lost his steering wheel but he made it, rims still shiny though.Too bad we couldn’t say the same about that little ol lawn mower or that stolen big wheel our lady friend had.

Headed back to the scraper.

One last ride.

Parked the little guy and headed for some oysters.

Here’s a little video. Thanks to ekkus93 on youtube,

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you can see me at 0:15 thanks for reading.

and you can see me in this at  0:33

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  1. Alma Villa says:

    that looks like HELLA fun

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