Mook Life On The Thrill Side!

Whats up Hyenas? My name is HTO and as gay as it sounds, I’m one of Rushawn’s internet friends. There is no other way of putting it. I mean, I feel like I know the dude pretty well thanks to the internet even though  he lives on the west coast of the United States and I live on the est coast of Canada. What binds us together is the fact that we are both mooks living on the thrill side. Some of you might want to know what a mook is and this is what I will try to explain with this post.

Rush asked me some time ago (more than a year) after posting on my site to do the same in return for Thrill Side. I gladly agreed. He wanted me to let the Hyenas know a little about Canada. The first thing I told him was that I don’t know shit about Canada, nor do I identify as being Canadian. I live in Montreal in the province of Quebec, about a 6 hour drive from NYC if you have a heavy foot. This city I live in is like nothing else found in this country. It’s a unique little Island with its own flavor, mentality, way of talking and doing things in general. Let me break it down to you mooks a little deeper.

This is Montreal. We are about 3 Million mooks spread out on an island and surroundings. The city is split in two. The West of the city is mostly English speaking and the East is the poorer french speaking side of the island.  However, the immigrants are resilient and most of us speak 3 languages therefore we are found everywhere on the island.

My family immigrated form Israel but we are originally from Moscow. We moved here in 1995. I grew up in a hood called Snowdon. It’s a weird pocket found between two very famous immigrant hoods called NDG and CDN. We have mooks from more than 169 nations in just a couple of square miles. I grew up with friends from all over.

So it’s normal to find a Russian Jew, an Italian, a French Canadian, an Arab, a Philipino, three kinds of Latino, a Viet and a Jamaican all drinking together on the same park bench. This diversity shaped me to be a lot more open minded and generally more educated about the world.

With all these different flavors, there are a lot of exclusive things that can be found in our city. However, the rest of the world knows us best for our weed, slutty females and smoked meat sandwiches.

Other then the wild sluts and full-contact shake junts, we also have a pretty good graff scene.

As you can see, the mooks have destroyed the downtown rooftops over and over again.

But sometimes going over old murals is just enough so we also tag bums.

Bitches be getting it to..

As you can see, we know how to have a good time. These bums don’t mind. Most of them come back time and time again.

Sometimes the hectic inner-city lifestyle can get heavy on the soul so we dip out of town to connect with nature.

Winter time can get depressing, so we go out to the summer house where we do Canadian activities such as smoking weed, doing mushrooms and snowshoeing.

This is Killa-EF and yours truly having vivid hallucinations looking at the snow.

We are also very big fans of Fish and sea food in general.

Fish talk. Cooking up water creatures of all kinds. The more exotic, the better. Speaking of exoticism, we love to travel and connect with mooks from all over the world.

Killa-EF in the back woods of Venezuela in a pick up full of local mooks.

Ef getting high with some local mooks in Costa Rica.

Keeping it real in Hartford Connecticut.

Nesar hanging out with the locals in Italy…

Nesar: Me and Rokse are cracking up and sipping our beers while observing our partners in crime bathe in one of the most sacred fountains of Italy. About 100 tourists surround us, half of them are shook and talking shit and the other half are laughing and taking pics. Not even 5 minutes pass by, about 10 undercovers hop out of the crowd and pin our homeboys to the ground. Next thing you know Noyse and Nixon are soaking wet in their boxers and handcuffed against a cop car in the middle of the square while a shitload of japanese tourists are taking their picture and doing peace signs. I’m still cracking up and drinking my forty while tellin’ em that I’ll send cigarettes by mail to their jail cell. HOLLA !

Nesar: Like any good tourist, we went around town to visit the main sights and attractions. I couldn’t find the money slot to activate these amusement park rides, so we just took a flick pretending to ride them and then went searching for the bingo machines.

I don’t bomb much when I travel, but your boy was able to squeeze a fast tag on the Eiffel Tower.

However, if you don’t have money to travel or any white-boy homies with summer-houses, you can always take advantage of the many festivals and exciting activities Montreal has to offer. We All City Chilling.

When we are not out there terrorizing peoples events and property, we are busy doing the same at our own jams..

Throw some fresh Prosciutto at the crowd? Why the fuck not? It was stolen anyway. Thanks Ceos!

In other words, we have a lot of fun. When you live in a city filled with so many beautiful people, it’s hard not to!

I’m not sure if this resembles the life of you typical Canadian but I can definitely assure you that we are living the Mook Life. Weather you are Canadian, Ethiopian, Jewish or Muslim it don’t matter because at the end of the day, mook recognize mook. Shit, this is why I’m down with Rush in the first place, because I could right away tell that this motherfucker was a mook.

If you know that you’re a mook or have doubts that you might be one, maybe Mook-Life will help you or at least, bring your hours of unadulterated, 100% original mooked-out entertainment. Much love to Rush for giving me this opportunity to share my visions with his Hyenas. I know it took more than a year for me to pull though but hey, I’m a fucking mook, what did you expect?

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