New York city

If it’s one thing I’m scared of, its’ spiders, and heights (I know that’s actually two but, FUCK SPIDERS). so how do you think I felt with my Labtec headphones on and my Ipod playing hella shit like this: “Staring out the window of this plane, thinking if it crash I’ll never see your ass again” -J-cole ,”It be a beautiful death, jumping out this window” -Kanye West.  Then  over the loud speakers “blah blah blah blah blah FINAL DESTINATION” -Plane captain, and to top it off, the chick next to me is reading this book. Aint that about a BITCH?

Anyways, flipped me one of these things and posted in the back of the plane just in case I see some terrorist shit pop off and to not get no sneak attack from behind(no homo) I’d be ready to be a hero.

Dartnell Purpel and I hit Newark New Jersey at about 1am. Got a rental and made our way to New York which was just a few miles away.  We went out there just for the weekend right fast on some bored shit. My cousin Jaciel who is in Minnesota has a friend named Isidro in the Bronx and they haven’t seen each other in like 18 years. Jaciel mentioned on fb about where to go, Ny or some other place. I told him if he went to NY I’d meet him there for lunch or something.

We must have driven through bout 5 tiny bridges which all had different toll fares. We crossed something which we have no idea what it was but they hit us for $12.

First spot we hit was this Pizaa spot(FAAATTT BOOIIIS)ran by two Mexicans who were playing Cumbias. The Pizza was a little burned, it was aiight.

I hit Isidro up like at 3am and told him we were on the way. We got to the Bronx and there were a few heads posted outside in them dark ass streets. I’m not gonna lie, I was ready for some shit to pop off.

Isidro’s apartment complex and neighborhood. The first thing I noticed is there were hardly any houses. All the buildings look the same.

And now,Thrill Side cribs.



Living room/bedroom.


Kitchen and view outside.

Took a power nap and a few hours later Jaciel showed up on a taxi and reunites with his long lost frien from Mexico City.

First thing we did was hit El Malecon. A Dominican restaurant in Manhattan recommended by THE KID MERO from

I ate some Mofongo with Shrimp. Mofongo is smashed up Planteen,lacked flavor and the texture reminded me of white rice from the Asian spots.

Isidro and them food.

Accross the street was a baby flea market.

We headed to central park and across the street is the museum from the movie Night at the museum with Ben Stiller. We snuck in there right fast.

Meet Albertosaurus. The Mexican dinosaur.

But fuck that shit fuck that shit. We hit the Central Park across the street. It was filled with people riding bikes, getting married, sleeping, playing frisbie and all kinds of  other outdoor stuff.


Unos taquitos de ojo,  los unicos  que no engordan. Eye candy, the kind that won’t get you cavities.

Everybody and they momma had a camera.

We ate at Shake Shack recomended to us by our friend Hollyhood Thea!

Spot was cool, big line. We weren’t impressed though.

Fatboiing it.


We later hit Time square. I noticed the trash gets placed on the sidewalk floor minus the trash bins I am used to in California. Maybe that’s part of the reason the place stinks.

Every street you see at least 3 people waving down a Taxi.

And these hot dog carts were everywhere. Not impressed by those either. Taste just like the ones at the Home Depot.

This fat girl fumbled her hot dog. BWAHAHAH

Place was cool though, I remember always seeing it on tv for the ball drop on new years eve. We were pretty lucky and found parking space pretty close.

Hella people were there, chillin, eating hot dogs, taking pictures, getting in my way, all that shit. I can only imagine how packed it gets for new years.

The Traveling Shirts. My Hyena Dartnell done took this shirt round the world. YEEEEEE YEEEEE!


My twin Mario and them.

Bought some of these for my nephews.

“Is that P-Diddy over there?”

Police was everywhere. Wishing a nigga would. WISHING. A NIGGA. JUST. WOULD.

But anyways, fuck that shit fuck that shit. We went back home and got ready to hit a strip club. Strip club sucked. The next day we headed to the ferry that would take us to The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Isidro had bought tickets in advanced. But first, we walked down the street in the Bronx and got some breakfast.

We grubbed and jumped in the rental and on our way to the Statue of Liberty.

We walked right past about 1000 people and waved bye to these clowns who bought their tickets at the door. That way they’l learn and plan ahead.


There she was. I wonder how much I would get if I got that to Aaron Metals recycling on 105th.

It was under construction, like everything else in NY, so we were not able to go inside. We would have loved to come inside. (see what I did there?)


Fuck shoes.

A little history.

Them OCC built this.

The ferry then takes you to Ellis Island.

But anyways. fuck that shit fuck that shit yaamsayyin. We got back to the mainland.

Bought this Pizza pretzel for $4. I miss my $4. This thing tasted like newspaper.

Started disrespecting shit.

Then we walked to ground zero. New buildings were the Twin towers once stood.

Then we headed to the Brooklyn bridge. Dartnell drove and waited for us on the Brooklyn side cause he’s not a big fan of walking.

We got hot dogs for the love of the sport while I waited for the old Asian guy to finish drawing some chicks and get ready to draw me.

I held my camera to my face as he drew me. He did the Thiz face.

And about 15 minutes later and my arm hella tired.

Apparently the thing to do was leave a lock on this bridge. They were everywhere.

My nigga Isidro reminds me of a young Silvester Stalone lol.


We made across and headed to Grimaldi’s Pizza. Another place highly recommended place. This one by my patna Andy. We waited in line for about 30 minutes.

We started off with this. DELICIOUS! now this was some pretty good Pizza. Packed with flavor.

I washed that thang down with nothing other than this. Just cause we was in Brooklyn. If you’re in Brooklyn, GO TO GRIMALDI’S

We ended up getting another Pizza before leaving. FATT BOIISSS!

On our way out the line was just as long as when we got there.  We headed down the street to a park n front of the water and talked about nonsense.

We were supposed to go to a reggaeton party but for some reason we didn’t and we went to another strip club. Bad choice. Don’t go to a strip club in NY. The girls are dancing behind the bar and they work their way down the bar and ask you for a dollar. FUCK THAT SHIT. We’re used to being up close and personal and getting thrown onstage so they can harass us and all that shit.

But anyways, fuck that shit fuck that shit.

The next day was Sunday and our last day. I wanted to ride the Subway just to say I did it.

We then went down the street again to eat at a Dominican place called Cuchifritos. Shit was tight, the Dominican lady working there was hella funny(but camera shy) and the food was good.

Dartnell got himself a whole chicken. FAAAAT BOIIII

I got this thing called Tres Golpes. It was pretty good, especially the fried cheese. According to the lady working there and the Dominican guy who walked in later , this is supposed to hold you dow all day. I guess it’s their version of the Hood Breakfast. Not pictured, my drink by the name of Morir sonando (Death while dreaming).

Avichuelas and red onions.

After the breakfast we headed to the Yankee stadium right fast. We didn’t go inside though. Fuck the Yankees.

We headed back to Manhattan and to the Empire state building.

We payed the lady at the front desk like $24 and got in the elevator to the 86th floor and highest viewing point in the city.

You could feel this fucking building swing with the wind.

You already know I was not too comfortable being up there.

Fuck King Kong. This time Hyenas climbed the Empire state building.

After this we had about an hr and a half to get to the Airport and back to Oakland.

This place was a great experience and something I wanted to go and visit for a long time now. Fuck the hot dogs on the street, if you go to those hot dog carts get the chicken ca-bob, hit the local hole in the wall spots like Cuchifritos for great food. Grimaldi’s for the Pizza, don’t go to the strip clubs and women, always wipe front to back.

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