2nd annual Hyena BBQ

It’s been a year since the last Hyena BBQ, time flies right? Here we are again at Lake Temescal in Oakland.With the biggest thunder storm  this year(probably only one too)  out of the way, it was meant for us to shine. Saturday was clearer than the faces of those Proactive models on t.v. Young Must aka Charlie Cigarilos , Raul and I set up at 7:30am.  Raul had to handle some business right fast so Cigarilos and I held it down.

There was however a small inconvenience. We forgot to take some meat out the freezer the night before. So we left it to catch some rays.

Meet the Hyena custom made grill ,Black on Black on Black. My patna Chuy got down with this piece. Pops did most of the work, but I was involved with the design of this gthang.

This thing was made with parts found laying around the house. Bed frames, police car parts etc.

no chrome on the wheels. Black magic on the tires.

We felt like having some breakfast.

Why he had the thickest pancake batter ever though? looked like we were gonna make Tamales.


Made it work though.

Pancakes, eggs, bacon and Tequila La Pinata. Fuck with that shit.

FUCK IHOP (no diss to my patna Wuanita though, Ima go visit you soon)

My patna Potato and his fam where some of the first to show up.

Hugo and them showed up with smoked ribs. YEEEEE!

Oh you didn’t get none? where you was at?

Chuche brough some good chicken which we wasted no time throwing on the grill.

Chuche and them, he got us that radio shout out. YEEEEEE YEEEEE

My patna Mary.

Dbo Jones, you might have trouble spotting him in this picture cause he’s wearing camouflage, but he’s in there.

Expo came through with some Ceviche.

Jumped on that right fast.

All my Hyenas started showing up.

Raw-Julio and Keese

My Hyenas from San Leandro slid by too.

The kid Dartnell Purpel,

Cease and them.

Soon to be married. Ima be their padrino de cerbilletas.

My Jim Carrey stunt double Hyena slid through the bbq too.

Thrillside Athletics.

High school homies

Yaamsayinn though?

One of my Hyenas from 10+ years and the other for 20+. Edgar hooked up that good Hyena juice. I don’t know what it consist of , I just saw him dumping hella bottles in that g-thang.

Shit started to pop off like around 2ish.



My Hyenas stay active, this year the Volleyball net was set up.

Meanwhile at the bbq tables, kids were also up there.

Lil Cease talking bout “Don’t take pictures of me”

Young London.

La cantante and her child


My nephew lil Victor, missing Carlito.

Mono and his lil girl.

Ladies too

My Hyena Adajah. tell her whatever you want to. She’s not impressed. Go ahead, take her somewhere too, SHE. IS . NOT. IMPRESSED.

“oh really? ehhh, it was ok” she says.

My crippled patna too.

Now if this grill was a chick, SLUT status. All my Hyenas was on it.

Dartnell got in the mood for eggs.

Fat boy Raw-Julio

Two solid dudes. They Best’s cousins. Not like   “If you ever need some cousins you can count on, holla at us” -Adrian

But my Hyena Best’s cousins, We done drove all up the West Coast. He got that “Lil Ugly” song, look out for it.

My nigga Mono out here turfin or someshit.

Charlie Cigarilos will see anyone on some toughest man/ marathon/ weight lifting/ session , whatever. You know like in the movie Troy? when that big as warrior was calling someone out to fight a one on one? in that scenario we’d send Cigarilos hahah. BEAST MODE LET’S GO!

Wait, you guys are brothers? you two are so different.

Creeping up on the ones getting they eat on with them Oysters.

Hyena juice sippers.

Chente and Rosko

Jaro and them.


love birds


Still holding it down with the Volleyball, Keese and them was undefeated.

Rosko looking like a Praying Mantis.

Brookfield locotes.

Group shot.

This G-thang went on till sun down yet again. Some heads went and got more charcoal and kept it going.


Shout out to everyone who came by and I apologize for not taking as many pictures and my quality slippin.

Some of you were missed,some of you guys missed out,  until next time.

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