How weird is it faire.

I heard about this thing this same day.  Best NSC hit me up, he’s one of my Hyenas that be with the shit. We tend to like a lot of the same things , we want to hit up every fun event possible. I got swooped up and Wuero Pemex was driving. (Look out for Wuero in the corrido section soon)His cousin Twin was passenger. Walking up to the car I noticed some Coronitas cuddled up next to Best, I was able to taste them already.

Soon as I walk in though, Best is like, “hey you want to stop by the liquor store and get you something to drink?” WTF? ahaha, but anyways. We stopped by the liquor store and then made our way to San Francisco.

This guy, always smokes while on the Bay Bridge.

And these guys always drink.

We walked up in that g-thang. Saw nothing but clowns.


Wuero P was hella happy out there.

He had his eyes wide open, scoping, peeping, looking for the one.

Maybe that’s why women call us dogs. We be sniffin them cheeks.

Congrats on my nigga Best on his new promotion. Female Booty Inspector.

Wuero is a cool dude, always down to help people. From something as simple as lighting a cigarette.

To  performing Colonoscopy.

But really , this thing was looking lie a costume party at the flea market.

Wuero P hopped on stage.

then we continued on our funky expedition.

WOWSERS! all of the sudden I craved Dos Equis. Got in line to get some.

Baby ass cups. Fuck it they were free.

Oh you got one too?

oh he must of had one too many.

back to the women though.


WASSUP LIL UGLIES!  click here ———>wassup-lil-ugly

let me put this sticker on your booty right fast.

Wuero left for some reason.

ah ok, I see you Wuero.

shit started getting out of hand, someone was bout to get kidnapped and locked in a basement for like 10 years.

Good samaritan.


Anyways, we walked around a bit, on the way out we saw some guys jumping a no parking construction sign. I think it’s a new kind of art form. Hipsters.

The sign put up a good fight. Almost choked that guy out.

But then this guy came in with a surprise attack.

Fight one on one , cowards.

So how weird was it?

well…… after attending the Folsom street Fair , where people were peeing on each other, that one guy had a butt plug in his mouth, bull horn on his head, high heels on and an octopus tied to his crotch, this really was a walk in the park.

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One Response to “How weird is it faire.”
  1. tipsymix says:

    Wuan…la gente esta muy Loca…WTF!!!!… VIVA la ASS!

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