Southern California weekend

First off I apologize for taking so long to update. Your boy be out here drinking too much, selling shirts and what not.

You ever feel like just going somewhere out of town for the weekend? For no reason? with no plans?

My Hyenas and I sure do. This weekend we just decided to hit Southern California and just kick it. We headed down the scenic route too, Highway 1.

My boy Efrain and I always wanted to drive down this route. Fuck it. We were on our way. Drove through hella curves at first right before getting to Santa Cruz.

When we got on  Highway 1 we started seeing hella Latinos working on the fields. We didn’t take pics of them though, shit seemed too sad. I don’t want

mothafuckas feeling sad on the Thrill Side, go watch the news for that shit. We did however stopped for these.

Monkey see monkey do ass nigga. FATTTTT BOIIII!

I read on Yahoo about this scenic route and how it’s in the country’s must do list. Now I was finally here, Big Sur.

We enjoyed this view for a few minutes. Amazing and pretty much in our back yard. People need to get out here.

The drive was pretty relaxin. Slow paced with a nice view of the ocean. Every now and then you could see a tiny beach with awesome light blueish/greenish colored water. Perfect to take your date out there and just have sex, eat sammiches and run around naked.

You know we had to stop for them Elephant seals. They were just chillin. Kicking sand up on the their fat ass backs. These things were as big as Dartnelios’ truck.

Atasquense puercos.

On the real though, if your’e in a hurry, DON’T take this route. After 10 hrs on the road, we made it to Santa Monica.

You already know we gotta get something to eat. FATTTTT BOIIISSSS. We hit this spot.

My nigga Dartnelio talking bout “Can you make me a burger bout yay big”?

These dudes really asked to see my receipt before getting my burger. The fuck I look like? The Hamburgler or something?

Fuckers aint even put no onions on these thangs. SMH.

I gotta sprinkle onions on my shit.  This aint a fucking Hot Dog.CLOWNS.

They had a movie playing on the pier. The Wizard of Oz.

Dartnelio quick to get on the games.

We walked around for a bit before going to check in the hotel.

Carmagedon 2 was going. Construction was set to start on this highway in a few hours and was to be shut down. View from the room.

We checked in the room and hit the famous Hollywood blvd. I was not impressed, place was philthy.

This guy selling hot dogs was talking bout “don’t say sooo woop” around here, you might get shot ” LOL.

I was happy to see this kid’s star out here. Getting the recognition he deserves. He’s everywhere.


We walked the strip, remind it me a bit of San Francisco. Then we cut.

So we stayed here.

It was aiight. Fucking only one elevator was working and was slow as fuck. They had a restaurant way up top, 17th floor where we went for breakfast on saturday morning.


Had some of this good Salmon.

And some of this here. Fancy niggas.

We hit Venice beach after breakfast. Tourist shit.


Checked the skaters out right fast.

Walked this lil thang.

Walked in this freak house. The wolf man and them was up in there. $5? why not.

These dudes had hella siamese reptiles. I think they somehow had something to do with it to attract clientele.

This dude swallowing swords. First time I see it in person.

I didn’t take a pic with that wolf kid cause if I would of got any closer to him I was afraid of throwing a hair net over his face.

But I got these. They aint making babies. They are attached at the hip.

He has five legs.


Back outside I purchased this here thang. It is currently the only thing hanging on my wall.

Rap letters.

These dudes were hustling. Stay in school kids.

My nigga like 13 years old jumping over people for dollars.

We headed out to a rap letter show we heard about. More rap letters.

We hit this place called the Basement.

I always wanted to see the Hollywood sign so we went out and fount it.

But fuck that shit, fuck that shit. We hit back to Hollywood blvd to eat.

No homo to my niggas in the back though

Headed outside to the liquor store. White man buys Mexican beer, Mexican buys white man’s beer.

We gooned it out on a random corner and dranked up.

Then this clown ass nigga tried selling us a grill he had just stole.

Talkin bout “look man, this tank is full”

Fuck that noise. Right after that though, it was a massage place next to the Pizza place which we didn’t go to to find out if it was a happy ending spot or not.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel again. Best French toast I ever had. No pics, believe me though. Then we hopped on the 5 North and headed home.

Straight to the taco spot. No place like home.

Bout 9 tacos each with seconds.Fatboy shit.

Great weekend with good company, good food and fat Pitbul puppies.

Stay tuned.

Go out.

See the world.

Shit is out there to be seen and explored.

Find me on Instagram(my new addiction) @rushawn1


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