Beast Oakland Raiders @ Broncos

Grew up around these dudes, we’ve had mutual friends for over 15 years. They set up a Raiders  away game with destination to Denver. I was hesitant at first but then I convinced myself. Fuck it, why not? It was 17 of us total, 14 on the flight there and then met up 3 more in Denver who also flew in from the Town.

Soon as we got on the plane , my homie Tato pulled out the music box with the built in disco ball (they used to sell em at Costco for $40 but they’re gone, Smily says he has one for a quick $100 though) and instantly turned that plane into the Soul Plane. Poor man in the front, I know he hated us lol.




We arrived safely and happy. Other passengers seemed so relieved to finally be able to get away from the homies and their hood ass conversations and innapropriate  comments about plane accidents.



There’s conspiracy theories about the Denver airport and how there’s some super secret underground bunker, or army base built there. There’s also tons of weird , crazy art work all over the place. But that’s a whole other story. Check these 2 paintings out though.


Picked up the rental van.


we checked in at the Marriot on California st and sat at the table for some drinks. We watched the Warriors’ winning streak end at 24 against The Bucks. Nothing lasts forever. Buyo encouraged me to lay the flag on the table and I thought it was a great idea. Always represent.


The homie Dartnell showing us how the waiters were serving him $200 water when he stayed in Miami.


Beer. I always try something new, this was Snow Cap from a local brewery called The Great Divide. Hoppie.



We hit downtown Denver (lodo?) to hit up a Raider event by the name of  Mile High take over. It was ehhh. We got some drinks and then went to get food. 20151213_003814

Soruyo, Dart, Leo and some of the other homies stopped for Pizza.

Screen shot 2015-12-15 at 10.10.37 PM

Big Greg, Tato, myself and few other homies waited and checked out a few options before we settled at Ignite Burger Lounge.



I grabbed this Peanut butter and Jelly burger with Jalapeno peppers. I had to do it, for the #Fatboylifestyle. Now this wasn’t the most visually appealing burger but mannnn. That taste of pb&j + burger, followed by a kick of spicy pepper . Sheeeeeessssh. That was a great burger.


and Smily, well, he went to the All you can smell buffet. 5R4A7686

Next morning we had breakfast here. Didn’t see a single Mexican working here, I hope they at least were in the kitchen cooking our food. I think they were, but then again the Menudo I got wasn’t too convincing. It was a decent spot though.


Hit the game after breakfast.



Everyone was excited to get there. I didn’t know what to expect here. I only had one drink just to be cautious of any altercations. Not that we wanted to fight but in case we did, I didn’t want to be the drunk guy getting beat down on one of those social media sites (fuck that, we ain’t going out like that).


The atmosphere was quiet. I must of heard about 3 radios playing all through the whole parking lot. I enjoyed seeing their car game though. Broncos fans go big with their rides.


For the most part it was a respectful crowd. A few “BOOS” as we marched through their parking lot but that’s expected. I believe we were the biggest Raider group out there and quite a few people stopped us to take photos with us. Including Broncos fans.



The squad taming the Broncos.


We walked a round part of the parking lot taking photos, high fiving other Raiders fans and getting occasional “BOOOS”


Buyo was repping real tough out there.5R4A77605R4A77545R4A7737


Walking to our seats was a good feeling. I felt like Maximus walking into battle at the Colosseum. Ready to take on the unknowm.


Hung out on the side for a bit. Charles Woodson said “Wassup”


Dudes parachuted in.


bunch of other entertainment.



5R4A7784Screen shot 2015-12-16 at 11.15.21 AM.png

The rest of the goons were just a “yeeee yeeeee” away.


1st half of the game was bad for us.

Every time the Raiders didn’t complete a pass, the whole stadium would chant “IN-COM-PLETEEEEEE”!.


We hit a bar during half time and the guys grabbed drinks.


Music came on and dudes got hyphy with it.


Broncos fan loving the Hustle Head


Headed back to our seats at second half. The Raiders offense showed up and turned the game in our favor. Not to mention The Mack getting 5 sacks. Broncos fans were getting silent and walking out of the game towards the end. Must was schooling them with  football facts and about 5 predicted plays.

We later flipped their chant on them. After they could not complete their passes, a group of us yelled”IN-COMMM-PLETE” lol


We got the W and left out of that place feeling real good. Last time the Raiders won in Denver was 4 years ago.



We hit the hotel cold and tired. Specially big Greg.IMG_17801

The next morning a few of us walked a few blocks and got breakfast at a place called Syrup.


This guy saw us blacked out and asked us if we were from Oakland. Then told us he was born at Highland hospital and showed off his ink.




Sweet ,syrup , brown sugar bacon.5R4A79335R4A7927

Gotta get that angle.5R4A7928

We wrapped up breakfast and got ready to hit the airport. But not before a quick snowball fight.


Gotta keep them kicks clean.5R4A7948

We hit the airport for a few last drinks and food in Colorado.


Denver was a great experience. We’d definitely encourage all sports fans to catch their team at an away game and experience being the visitor.

Thank you for reading and thank you to all the good people who were part of this experience. Always represent.

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