Miami Florida, 2013

An Airplane crash landed today,7-06-2013 at SFO, It was coming from Seoul South Korea with over 300 passengers. Two of them died. I haven’t flown too many times, I hate flying. Going and coming to Miami I could not help to think about an air plane accident. I managed though, I kept thinking happy things. Like the beach, hot babes and Cuban food.

My good buddy Amanda and I caught a plane from SFO to Miami international. 5 and a half hour ride at right under 500 mph at a cruising altitude of around 7 miles (this the shit I keep thinking about and amazes me and frightens me at the same time). As in my previous flights, I felt a huge relieve as soon as we landed.

We hit the strip and got some food and this $50 drink as soon as we could.

We stayed on the 4th floor at the Albion in South Beach, A block away from the beach.Due to that super awesome video game by the name of Grand theft auto, Vice City, I felt as if I’d been here before. All I needed to do was yank a bunch of people out of their cars and shoot guns at pedestrians.

Swam in here.

The lobby.

We spent a lot of time on the beach.

I had to give the ladies some eye candy. I had to, I hit them with David Hasselhoff beach run.

We decided to hit Calle 8 in Little Havana, we drove out of South Beach.

ate at El Pub Restaurant.

Pina colada.

We had a sea food plate with a side of white rice, fried plantains and “Tostones”(bottom right)  which are Plantains turned into chips.

I am familiar with fried plantains, we call them Platano macho. Mom sometimes boils them. Either way, Delicious.

This guy reminded me of my grand father, he was just posted in front of his store. He sells Cuban cigars and Cuban coffee. Dude looks hung like a horse though, nohomo!

This guy was inside rolling up Cuban cigars.

Down the street was this domino club park.

Saw a few Mexicans on this wall, right away I spotted Cantinflas.

Chicken head!

Homemade ice cream.

Cholo letters!

The Beasts!

Nothing like sipping beer on the beach, listening to the waves, feeling the warm sun rays caress your skin.

Perving it. Ass >tits.

The classic elevator pic.

This place was pretty good. It was nice on the inside and the food was good. Again, besides the Tostones and the beer, the food tastes very similar to Mexican food.

Every time I get a chance to try different beers, I do it.

Polar is from Venezuela and Cristal from Peru. I liked both.

Caribbean people sure get creative with their Plantains. I guess it’s like Mexicans and tortillas.

This one is from the Dominican Republic.

This Pizza sucked! Just big for no reason. hella flat, just a bit thicker than a tortilla and not too tasty.

I bought some of my family members some stuff here. DEALS!

The hotel’s bar downstairs. I had this watermelon drink. Pretty tasty.

The coolest fucking ride I saw out there. Not up for discussion.

This is where they were about to cut Scar faces arm off.

This breakfast sucked, didn’t even have some of the stuff they advertised on the menu. clowns.

Back to the beach!


Gold digger.

I spy Beast Oakland sticker. Wonder who put it up there.

 Proof. Miami Beach June 29th, 2013.

Amanda blending in with her surroundings. Chameleon ass.

I send my mom a post card when ever I leave the state.

Driving down the street Amanda screams as if O.J. Simpson was trying to kill her, I almost crashed the rental car. I asked what the hell was going on, she was just excited because she spotted the Kardashian’s Dash store. smh.

They had shirts in there starting at $60 each. Amanda asked if I wanted somethinh, I did but it wasn’t any of the garments or silly jewelry, however the women working there looked like they could be related to  Kim and them :).

We jumped in the rental and drove north for about 25 minutes, stopped at a mini flea market. We stopped to see their junk, I love junk.

I wanted to buy this cool beach cruiser.

Almost bought this 9mm clip with brass knuckles but I’d probably have issues at the airport. 😦

Remember how she scared me silly by screaming when she saw the Dash store?

Amanda fucking did it again when she saw Pollo Tropical.  The Caribbean version of KFC. Reminded her of her trip to Puerto Rico. Women.

We got half a chicken with a side of mashed plantains and rice.

She got right to business.

This beach was less crowded. I forget the name of it. The waves were a bit rougher and thanks to the sun being out, the water looked beautiful.

The view towards South Beach way in the distance.

Beast Oakland all over the world.

Back in South Beach, it started raining. We walked into Goyo, a Peruvian restaurant.

I ordered these appetizers,” Causa rellena”, mash potatoes flavored with lemon juice and Peruvian spices, topped with shrimp.

Tried a Cusquena, Peruvian beer with the Peruvian food (again, similar to Mexican food).

Now these things right here! THESE THINGS RIGHT HERE! I forgot what they were called but they were DELICIOUS!.  Tasted sweet, somewhat like donuts and had a side of ice cream, which due to a client disputing a groupon deal with the waiters, was brought to us a bit melted. Delicious though.

Parking garage shot.

South Beach water!


Blessing the women with this good eye candy.

Old geezers.

Booty pillow.

wedgie girls.

Bonding with grandpa.

We ate at this place one night. Food was decent at best.

Had breakfast on Ocean drive, fast service and that orange juice was nice and pulpy.

TSG for life.

Back to the beach. Why? cause I can.

Find “baby with the shower cap” for lols. When I say “baby”, I don’t mean an actual baby.

Perving it.

Again, chameleon ass Amanda trying to blend in with our surroundings.

Beach cruisers, sorry for the quality, the humidity was messing with my lense.

This guy was selling coconuts on a corner. We had to get some, we had to. He just pulled  his little knife out, shanked the coconut, coconut squirted and then had a straw inserted for instant deliciousness.

Peep my straight set of teeth though. 🙂

Hair blowing in the wind though.


We decided to head to Little Haiti right fast, saw giant boom box and graffiti art from the dolphin expressway.


We breezed through Little Haiti, maybe we didn’t hit the right spots but it looked lonely.

So we went to Little Havana again. Find the Beast Oakland sticker.

Tried this Cuban style beer. A bit stronger than your average, delicious.

Ate here, across from the place with the giant roosters in front.

Cuban food. Tore it down. Those fried plantains, exquisite.

Outside an art gallery.

Mr. International.

Four days later, on Monday, we sat on our plane for two hours due to what knows what at the air port. Things like that only add to my fear of flying. Obviously, we made it home safe and we landed at SFO with no problems.

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