BYOBW 2011

Now those that know me know that I’m a grown ass kid and so are a lot of my friends so its only natural that when Indio told me about the “Bring your own big wheel” (BYOBW) event I knew I had to go. The name says it all, Bring your OWN big wheel and … Continue reading

The 1st annual Hyena bbq. April 9th 2011.

The Hyenas were born out of a soccer team in 2007 when a group of friends from similar backgrounds , different crews came together as one. Hyenas are friends, brothers, sisters, underdogs, ugly ducklings, survivors, Davids in a world of Goliaths. Hyenas are against all odds and not afraid of the challenges this world or … Continue reading

Oakland A’s season opener 2011

For the last few years I’ve been trying to get in to sports because I’m one of the few guys out there who could care less who’s playing who , where and for what title. I’m faster to play than I am to watch a game. Don’t know why but that’s just how I always … Continue reading

Mexico vs Paraguay 2011

About 3 years ago I remember Mexico came to the Oakland coliseum to play. I was not interested in going so therefore I did not buy a ticket. Game day came , I start calling the Hyenas to see what was cranking around the town only to find out they all had gotten tickets to … Continue reading

Lake Tahoe 2011

Every year for the past 6 or so years I make my way to the Lake Tahoe area for some good ol snow boarding. This yr was no different. I headed out there with Geraud, Dartnell and Briskets didn’t end up going for whatever reason, CLOWNS!. We  met up with my boy Malik from the … Continue reading

Street Kings cc

Young Must AKA “Corinthian Kingsley” AKA “Roast A lot” AKA “the cute version of D-Bo Jones” AKA “the bird whisperer”, hit me up and invited me to go to Sonic’s with some friends/members of the Street Kings car club. They are an up and coming club out of East Oakland and its surroundings. Me being … Continue reading

Rushawn’s boifday bash

Its crazy, I woke up this February 9th and all of the sudden I’m 28 years old. Fuccccccck! what the hell happened?. I still feel like I’m 20. Anyways the Hyenas and I hit the bowling alley for a good time. Got in line at the bowling alley for that good $10 unlimited bowling  deal … Continue reading

Superbowl weekend 2011

Friday after work I headed to this bike beat shop to talk some business. After that as I drove down 98th doing bout 50 and hungry I spotted Snow-E Woods and his girl at the Pupusa spot. I always wanted to try them so I pulled over and ordered 2 of them G thangs. Great … Continue reading


The rain nor a hangover stopped us from heading out to Santa Clara to shoot each other up with paintball guns. I didn’t even eat some of that pan dulce and milk for breakfast(and I love pan dulce and milk). Dbo hit me up letting me know he was outside so I grabbed all my … Continue reading

El Infierno

The last movie that got me as enthralled as this was The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Made me want to pick up a sword and just go to battle. That was years ago. This is now. If you don’t speak spanish, then this is where Rosetta Stone or your latino patnas kicks in. So … Continue reading

Chillin and Grillin

After all this talk about grillin animals and what not, we finally got to it and we made it happen at Jones’ place while we watched these good ol football games. I got there kinda late so I didn’t get to taste the shrimp with crawdaddy’s leftover sauce from the previous week which everyone seemed … Continue reading

Shrimps by the Lb.

You guys ever have those days when all your plans just go bad? of course you do, everyone does. The good thing about days like this is you can always go out and stuff your fat face .Well that’s exactly what we did. It was D-bo Jones, Frisco, Globe, Tone “Briskets” Barajas , Dartnell and … Continue reading

A day at the range

With all these birds falling out of the sky for an unknown reason, all the fish washing up dead, and 2012 around the corner, we at know we have to be prepared.  Prepared for what?………..ZOMBIES!. All those resident evil games and movies won’t be enough practice so D-bo Jones and I decided to go … Continue reading

1Lb Burger/appetizer

One day of drinking at the Coke house surrounded by FATTT BOIIIIES!, we stumbled upon a food challenge conversation. “We should start doing hella food challenges bruh” said Globe, I mentioned the 1lb burger at Fuddrukers and Dartnell stepped up. Ive known Dartnell for years and ate with him in numerous places. Seen that kid … Continue reading

Raiders vs. Colts

Raiders vs. Colts. Last homegame of the season. Dominos and tacos getting hooked up in the background. Tacos for breakfast is where it’s at. Dos de Pastor, uno de Asada y uno de Pollo primo. Stuffed our faces, grabbed some beer and walked around. Awesome chick from Live 105.3fm throwing up the T for Thrillside … Continue reading